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Instant Online Auto Insurance Quote - Why it Makes Sense for You

An instant online auto insurance quote may seem like something you don't need, but everyone stands to benefit from getting one. While doing something like getting an auto insurance quote online may seem difficult, tedious, and like it could take more internet savvy than you feel like you have, it's actually the easiest way to compare car insurance quotes across companies and to make sure you're getting the best deal for your money. And it's simple to do, requiring only the most basic of internet skills.

It might be tempting to try to get a car insurance quote in another way, but the instant online auto insurance quote is really the most straightforward, streamlined method of obtaining a quote and it will be the best use of your valuable time and energy to use this site to get one. As we evaluate the different methods of getting car insurance quotes, you'll see that this online method is truly the best.

Different Options for Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

The most common way to get a quote for any kind of vehicle insurance is to contact an agent. You can do this over the phone, but usually the agent will want to meet with you so you can sign the paperwork there and then, in his office, if he can convince you to purchase insurance. Some people prefer this method of finding insurance because an agent is a human being and they feel like the service is more personal and therefore more tailored to their needs. However, most insurance agents are trained to sell, sell, sell. They won't just want to sell you auto insurance, but homeowners insurance, life insurance, and several other types, as well. While you're sitting in their office, the arguments may be convincing, but they might not be as convincing when you get home and realize how much money you've spent. In addition, most agents work for only one insurance company, and so you will not be able to see if you could save money by going with another company. If the agent is successful in getting you to sign papers in his office, you might never know what other companies have to offer.

Another common method of obtaining car insurance quotes is through an insurance broker. To some people, this method retains the main benefit of working with an agent, because the broker is a person who sits down with you, talks through your needs, and helps you determine what you need. In addition, these people say that a broker is better than an agent because they represent more than one insurance company, so you get to see which of the companies they work with has the best prices, service, etc., for your situation. However, this idea of choice is somewhat deceiving. Very few brokers work with all the nationally-recognized car insurance companies, so you may think that you're getting the best deal when you really have not seen all the options. In addition, most brokers, even moreso than agents, are trained to sell you as much as they possibly can. If you want to save money, you'll choose another way to get a car insurance quote.

A few people like to get their auto insurance quotes via the telephone. Most companies and brokers offer this service, so that if there isn't an office near you, you can still use their services. People who prefer this method like it because they don't have to deal directly with a person, and because phone salesmen can be less pushy than in-person salesmen. In addition, some people find that it is easier to refuse the extra offers that agents and brokers always try to sell if they don't have to look another person in the face while they do it. However, these phone services generally suffer from the same problems that going through agents and brokers for your auto insurance quotes normally do: too few choices, too much selling, and overall not enough information.

Beyond the issues listed above, dealing directly with agents and brokers as well as dealing with their companies over the phone can cost you extra money. While not every agent or broker will charge you for their time when you meet with them, some will. This fee might be worth paying if you got some sort of extra service out of it, but you don't. Thus, it's never worth paying an agent or broker for their time when you're not even sure you're going to use their services in the end.

The Instant Online Quote

The last option for obtaining a quality car insurance quote is to get an instant online auto insurance quote. This site offers that service free of charge, so you don't pay anything unless you decide to pay an auto insurance company directly, for the insurance you choose to get. You don't have to deal directly with another human being, so you won't have to deal with another person trying to push you into purchasing something you don't want. However, an actual person will always be only a simple phone call away, and some of the companies will actually let you enter your phone number and have one of their staff call you immediately. From there, you can use the phone option to ask questions, clarify anything that is confusing, and purchase your auto insurance, or you can schedule an appointment to meet with one of the company's representatives in your area, at your convenience. Since you will go into these phone calls or meetings already knowing exactly what you want and with your online quote in hand, you won't have to deal with as much haggling and selling, and it will be easier for you to refuse their offers because you have what you want right in front of you. In addition, with an online quote, you get to take all the time you need to make your decision. There's no pressure to decide today or even tomorrow, so you can think about it before you choose.

In addition, obtaining the instant online auto insurance quote is easy. When it comes to internet use and skill, all you have to do is be able to use a web browser to get to this site,, and enter some basic information via typing and the use of a mouse. Beyond that, you'll need some basic information about the cars you want to insure, the drivers of those vehicles, and the type of auto insurance you're looking for. After you enter that information, your quote will be in front of you, ready for you to deal with, think about, and make a decision on in your own time.

After evaluating the options, it seems clear that this site's instant online auto insurance quote is the best way to go when you're looking for new car insurance. You get the best of all the worlds, with personalized service, real human beings only a phone call away, and less hard selling or wheeling and dealing. In the end, there's really not much of a choice: the instant online auto insurance quote is the simplest, fastest, and most efficient way to get a quote for the auto insurance you need.



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