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Car Insurance and Acts of God

Like obscure policy facts like auto insurance application denial, car insurance and acts of God are concepts that tend to baffle many drivers. We have all heard the phrase "acts of God" tossed around in car insurance rhetoric from time to time, but not too many of us really have a solid understanding of what the phrase really means or exactly what kinds of events it describes. It is beneficial for policy holders to read up on this term to get a better understanding of it and know what it refers to. This type of knowledge can help us to make good choices on our policies and potentially avoid these types of events.

Insurance Acts of God Defined

In the insurance industry, acts of God refer to accidents or events that are caused by nature. These are events not caused or affected by humans in any way. They are seemingly unavoidable for this reason. Unpredictable and uncontrollable things like earthquakes, hurricanes, hail, floods, lightning strikes, and wildfires are all considered acts of God in the insurance world. Even car accidents involving animals such as deer hits fall into this category.

Acts of God are looked upon as unavoidable and completely unforeseen. There is no single individual to assign blame to like an ordinary car accident. When a deer suddenly appears and there is no time to react, the collision in insurance terms is looked upon as something the driver could not have done anything to avoid and that he or she held no liability for. Since they do not involve multiple drivers, there is no one's liability to draw upon for coverage. These sorts of situations require full coverage policies in order to be covered. This is one reason why many people choose full coverage even when they are not required to do so.

Insuring Against Acts of God

In auto insurance policies, the comprehensive section of coverage is the one that deals with acts of God. For example, if a tree falls on your vehicle or in front of it and causes you to get into a crash, it is covered on your comprehensive and not your collision insurance. The same is true of deer hits and other accidents involving animal collisions. One of the great benefits of comprehensive auto insurance coverage is that it offers this type of protection from unavoidable and unpredictable events such as these. Having comprehensive is the only way to be protected from things like hail damage or any other natural occurrence leading to property loss.

When we put together our car insurance coverage policies, we have to set our deductibles as well as the limits of coverage at the outset of the policy period. Your deductible is the portion of the claim expense that you will be required to pay out of pocket. High deductibles lead to lower premiums, but also cost you more if you ever have to file a claim. So, drivers need to carefully consider the amount of money they'll save up front with a higher deductible and weigh that savings against potential costs if an accident ever occurs.

Another important thing to keep in mind and to look into is the fact that there are limitations to act of God coverage in a comprehensive policy. For example, personal property in your car is not covered if it is damaged or destroyed during a covered claim event. It might be covered by homeowners or renters insurance; but auto insurance plans do not cover items brought into the car like this. Aftermarket parts are not covered either, unless you have specific riders on your policy to include them.

Find the Right Auto Coverage

When you are searching for the best coverage to protect your vehicle against acts of God and other risks, it is best to shop around for coverage. Compare quotes from different companies selling policies in your area and get a feel for what you should be paying as a driver. Don't just get a single quote and immediately sign on for coverage without checking to make sure you're getting a good deal. Use the free quote form that is located at the top of this page, and get started on your search for affordable auto insurance providers who can help educate you on car insurance and acts of God.

Acts of God are a real threat to our financial well being as drivers. When these events occur they come up in a flash and there is nothing we can really do about them. Our best bet is to be prepared ahead of time with quality comprehensive insurance, so that we are at least ready to deal with the financial aspects of the situation. Car insurance is an important commodity that protects you as a driver from a number of unknown risks. The best way to be protected as a motorist is to be insured.


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