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Car Insurance for Risky Drivers

Car insurance for risky drivers tends to be outrageously expensive. And with average prices for all drivers up in many states, it is bad enough just having to pay for insurance at all without being saddled with this extra burden. But for too many of us, that is exactly the situation in which we find ourselves. When you are classified as a high risk driver, whether it is because of age, inexperience, or past driving history, the prices you pay shoot skyward. This does not mean that high risk drivers cannot get insured. It just means that they will have a lot more trouble finding affordable coverage. There are some options that we can explore as motorists in this category to try to save money on our rates.

Saving on High Risk Policies

One of the first things motorists learn when they are placed into the category of high risk drivers is the huge effect this classification can have on their premiums. Finding ways to lower your premiums is usually essential if you are to remain insured and legally able to stay out on the road. One of the options we have is to check out online price quotes. There are more high risk specialists than ever before. This means motorists who cannot qualify for standard coverage have more options on ways to get covered than they might have in years past. So the logical first step is just to see what is out there.

The nice thing about high risk policies from specialists offering this coverage is that they actually tend to be a lot more affordable than any policies you might get offered by standard carriers. The reason for this is pretty simple: mainline auto insurance carriers often do not even want these drivers among their clientele because they are too hard to make a profit off of. Mainstream companies cannot be price competitive with specialty carriers because the specialists make their entire living catering to riskier motorists. Since they are serving a larger pool of drivers, they are able to spread risk across the demographic and save their customers money. Thus, drivers should be aware that working with a high risk auto insurance company will likely save them money rather than cost them more if their driving records place them in this category, and always try to find the best insurance rates for twentysomethings.

Looking around for quotes among these carriers may produce many different possibilities for coverage. A few of them might seem much more promising than the others and if this is the case, it is worthwhile for auto owners to investigate these candidates in much more detail. Drivers who have squeaky clean records would probably pay more working with these companies, but those of us who are trying to make up for past mistakes behind the wheel or that just don't have the experience yet to be eligible for standard protection can really benefit. These companies can get drivers covered faster and at lower prices, so start looking now for free auto insurance quotes.

Dealing with Higher Insurance Premiums

Risky drivers cost their auto insurance carriers more money on average, so they pay more for their coverage individually. The group statistics determine the individual premium levels. For example, teen drivers are definitely high risk. In fact, among all age groups teens represent the highest risk to insure. This is because they have the highest accident rates of any age group as a function of miles driven. An even more specific stat is the well publicized fact that teens on their first year of driving get into more accidents than drivers of any other age or experience level. This is one of those examples of situations you can do nothing about as a driver. You cannot help your age. All you can do is find the most affordable options for car insurance to save you as much as possible on your coverage.

There are some things we can do aside from comparison shopping to save money as high risk drivers. Cutting into your coverage is not the most pleasant thing to do, but if the alternative is dropping insurance due to lack of affordability there really is no alternative. Stay insured and keep street legal while you're in the high risk pool to help your cause as your record improves.

Increase your deductibles and drop unnecessary or optional protection and strip down your policy to the bare minimum if that is what it takes to stay insured. Make sure you always have liability coverage at the very least and keep your vehicle legally registered. There is no sense in bringing more trouble upon your license or driving record through unwise insurance and registration choices. Car insurance for risky drivers is a dicey proposition at best but diligence and a little bit of research can help you save money on premiums.


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