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Auto Insurance with Drivers License Points

Auto insurance with drivers license points can be an expensive investment for motorists. Even just a few tickets tend to really increase the rates we pay as drivers. One of the biggest factors insurers take into consideration when they set rates is our driving record. If your record shows a pattern of speeding tickets, moving violations or accidents, it demonstrates to the car insurance company that you may not be a very good risk to insure. So they have to charge extra to recover projected losses resulting from future claims. The best way to avoid all of this is to keep a clean driving record, of course. But none of us can go back in time and undo what has already been done. To save money on auto insurance when you have points on your drivers license, understand what your best options might be and investigate all of them thoroughly to find the best deals and auto insurance discount offers.

Affects of Tickets on Insurance Rates

One of the main methods car insurance companies have for evaluating drivers as far as risk is concerned is to take a look at their driving records. Fair or not, the past is used as a predictor of future performance behind the wheel. This includes at fault auto accidents, speeding tickets and major moving violations. Particularly harmful to rates are DUI and reckless driving infractions. Drivers that have relatively clean records with few or no incidents to speak of tend to get the best rates. The trouble with the rest of us quite often has to do with speed. Many times we just have a hard time keeping our speeds below the posted limits, and it gets us in trouble with companies insuring our vehicles.

The more speeding tickets and other infractions you rack up as a driver and an auto owner, the higher your prices are going to go for auto insurance. Most states use a point system for drivers. Different infractions are penalized by adding a certain number of points on the drivers license of the negligent driver. Going five miles over the speed limit is not punished as excessively as drunk driving, for example, but both are punished in the point system. Individual state laws may vary, but the different states set limits on the number of points a motorist can have on his or her license before it is revoked for a certain time period. In these cases, SR22 policies are often required to maintain coverage on vehicles while the auto owner's privileges are suspended or revoked.

High Risk Auto Insurance Policies

As drivers build up points on their license, it becomes more and more expensive for insurers to cover them. They charge higher rates because the statistical likelihood of future claims keeps going up with each additional accident or citation. After getting to a certain point drivers need to begin thinking about leaving their traditional insurer (if they are not asked to do so by nonrenewal or cancellation). When you are classified as a high risk driver, you become too expensive for most mainline insurers to take a chance on. Since their programs and policies are designed primarily for preferred or standard drivers, they cannot offer the most competitive rates in most cases for drivers classified as high risk.

This is where non standard or high risk auto insurance policies come into play. When points appear on your record, they typically do not drop off for at least two years or more. This means once you are classified high risk, you'll remain in that category at least for a couple of years until you get that driving record back in order. This is a good time to begin making some better choices behind the wheel and driving in a manner that is more conducive to safety and compliance with the law. And in the meantime, getting hooked up with a high risk specialist is not the end of the world.

As a matter of fact, for most of us carrying a lot of points, this option actually ends up being the best and most affordable option when looking for cheap online car insurance quotes. These carriers specialize in handling drivers with spotty records and they pool them all together to essentially spread the risk out among the larger group population. The benefit to you as a driver is that you can still be insured while you work to get your records straightened out. And when you do, you can then apply for coverage with a standard carrier once again.

Drivers license points make it hard to get affordable insurance protection. But they do not mean the end of the world. Drive safer and get your record cleaned up. And in the meantime, do what you can to save money on auto insurance with drivers license points.


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