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Iowa Auto Insurance Discounts

Drivers in Iowa are potentially eligible for many auto insurance discounts. Some of these are based on different aspects of the driver himself, while others are based on his driving record and even more are based on his vehicle. Because these discounts can save drivers a significant amount of money on their vehicle insurance premiums, it's worthwhile for all IA motorists to know what the potential discounts are so they can pursue them with their automobile insurance company.

Potential Car Insurance Discounts in Iowa

One of the main ways you can save money on your car insurance in Iowa depends on your driving record. If you do not have any tickets or accidents on your record, most insurance companies will give you a certain percentage off their standard rates. In addition, some companies will give you a greater discount the longer your record is clean, so you can tack on more savings over time.

If your driving record is not clean, talk to your auto insurance company about how long the incidences you do have on your record will continue to keep you ineligible for discounts. Most companies will keep these things on record for a certain period of time, after which your record is considered clean again. At this point, you will again be eligible for the discounts.

Taking a defensive driving class can also influence your car insurance premiums, especially if you're a new driver, a teenage driver, or a driver over a certain age. You will want to make sure that your specific company offers discounts for these classes and that the class you're considering qualifies before you expend time and energy to sit through any lectures. Some auto insurance companies will allow you to take one of these classes to offset some minor traffic offenses, so talk to your company to see what educating yourself about safe driving could earn you in terms of vehicle insurance discounts.

Students who drive may also be eligible for discounts based on their GPA. Because young people who are responsible with their schoolwork have also been proven, statistically, to be more responsible behind the wheel, many auto insurance companies will reward success in the classroom with lower auto insurance rates. The specific GPA required for a discount can vary between companies, so check with yours to see if your student qualifies.

Different aspects of the vehicle you drive in IA can also make you eligible for automobile insurance discounts in the state. Certain safety features, like anti-lock brakes or dual airbags, can earn you a discount with most companies in most places. Cars with these features are safer, and so the insurance company wants to reward drivers who purchase safe vehicles.

The safety rating of your vehicle can also influence your premium rate. If you purchase a new vehicle with a safety rating over a certain level, you will often be eligible for a discount. The specific level required can vary between auto insurance companies, so be sure to check with yours before you purchase a new vehicle or new insurance.

Any anti-theft features on your car can also earn you discounts. Some companies look specifically for things like car alarms or a LoJack device, so see what you need to do to make your vehicle qualify. It can pay off, in the long run, to install some of these features if it will save you in vehicle insurance premiums for the life of the car.

Along the same lines, some vehicles are more likely to be stolen than others. If you own a vehicle that is rarely stolen, it will cost less to insure than one that is often stolen in your area. Again, check with the specific automobile insurance company to see where your car, or any car you're considering purchasing, falls regarding theft. You may decide to purchase one car over another if you find that you will save with one that's less likely to be stolen.

Oddly enough, your profession can make you eligible for certain auto insurance discounts. People in some professions, mainly desk jobs, are statistically less likely to have accidents and tickets than those in other professions, and so some car insurance companies will give discounts to these drivers. While this may not seem fair to safe drivers in other professions, it's important to remember that auto insurance companies base discounts like this on statistics, not on individuals.

Any groups or associations you belong to might also make you eligible for discounted automobile insurance rates. Consider things like alumni associations, professional groups, and any other, similar group you or a family member may belong to. Sometimes, the easiest way to find these discounts is to call the group's headquarters and ask them if they have an agreement worked out with any auto insurance companies. They often know the details and have them more easily accessible than the company itself.

Finally, there are discounts you can be eligible for based on your relationship with the auto insurance company itself. If you have multiple cars and/or drivers on one policy, many companies will give you a discount. Similarly, if you hold multiple types of policies with the same company (like life, health, homeowners, or renters insurance in addition to your vehicle policy), you may get a discount on each policy. Finally, some companies will give you a discount if your are a long-term policyholder or pay your premium in full instead of in installments. While these discounts tend to be small, they can add up to a significant savings.

Track Your Discounts

It doesn't matter how much you know about auto insurance discounts if you aren't keeping track of which ones you're eligible for and how much you should be saving from each discount. Every time you receive a bill or a policy update from your car insurance company, make sure you check for the discounts they're crediting your account. If you think you're missing one or you don't see them listed at all, check with the company to make sure you're saving as much as possible.

While it may seem like the car insurance company's job to track your discounts for you, the truth is that they deal with so many individual drivers and policies that it's easy for things to get overlooked. The only way you can be sure that you and your family are getting all the discounts you're eligible for is to track them yourself and contact the company if you see any discrepancies.

Be tenacious when it comes to tracking down your discounts. Ask your automobile insurance company if there are any additional discounts you might qualify for. Some companies have some slightly obscure discounts that can save you even more money on your Iowa vehicle insurance policy.

Armed with the information above and what you gain from talking with your insurance company, you should have everything you need to save as much as possible on your car insurance. If you have any more questions about discounts or your eligibility with a specific company, make sure you find answers before you sign a contract or put any money down. That way, you'll be sure to save as much as you possibly can.


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