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Jacksonville Car Insurance

Jacksonville car insurance is an important investment for any Jacksonville, FL driver. Not only is it illegal to drive in Florida without coverage, but it is also extremely important to protect yourself from the consequences of driving alongside tourists. Jacksonville is home to beautiful beaches and a busy metropolitan area with numerous attractions and a very active nightlife. As such, many people travel to Jacksonville year round for both business trips as well as vacations. However, with so many people unfamiliar with the Jacksonville streets, this also causes a high number of traffic accidents.

Many drivers assume that having the minimum required coverage is all they need. Unfortunately, as many Florida citizens have discovered, having the minimum usually isn't enough. When it comes to Jacksonville vehicle insurance, the goal is to have the most possible coverage for the smallest price. The more Florida coverage you can achieve, then the better off you will be if you find yourself in an accident. In fact, even the best and safest drivers in FL have been involved in accidents and can attest to the fact that not having enough car insurance is a poor decision.

Driving Without Jacksonville Coverage

If you're one of the many people choosing to drive around Jacksonville, FL without insurance, you're taking an unnecessary risk - both legally and financially. First of all, if you are involved in an accident and your car suffers serious damages, you will have to pay for repairs out of pocket. As we all know, car repairs can be extremely costly. If you total your automobile, you will have to buy another vehicle without any compensation.

For example, if you're pulled over for a traffic violation or get stuck in a road block and an officer discovers that you do not have the minimum required Jacksonville car insurance, you will face heavy fines and points on your license. Depending on what you're pulled over for and your driving record, you may also face additional fines and penalties as serious as jail time and losing your license. Even if it's your first time caught without Jacksonville auto insurance, enough points on your license will result in your license being revoked.

Adding Another Driver to Your Plan

If you're starting a family, or you have one already, you will inevitably need to add another driver to your coverage - probably a spouse or child. In many ways, this is more convenient and cheaper than having a separate plan for every vehicle. For example, you will not have to deal with as much paperwork or keep track of as many payments, and you can check auto insurance rates to find special multi-driver discounts.

One thing to remember is that, by taking on another driver, you're taking on that driver's risks. If the new driver on your plan has a less-than-favorable driving record, or fits into higher risk class for another reason, your premiums will be affected. This is why it is important to recognize how to lower your premiums. For example, if you're adding your teen to your Jacksonville car insurance plan, you will want to make sure your teen is maintaining a good GPA and enroll them in a driver's ed course because both of these things will factor into your Jacksonville automobile insurance rates.

Why Comprehensive Insurance is Important

There are many additions you can make to your Jacksonville car insurance policy to make it more effective. Collision Jacksonville car insurance and gap insurance are just a couple of the things people often add to make sure they are covered in nearly every circumstance. But, what would you do if your car was stolen? What would happen if your car was vandalized or damaged by fallen branches and hail? Many people are surprised to find out that basic insurance will not do much for them in these cases.

Comprehensive coverage, also called OTC (other than collision) will pay for damage and destruction caused to your car due to weather, theft, vandalism, animal damage and other "bad luck" sorts of non-traffic accidents. Having this coverage can be an expensive addition, but is definitely necessary if you car is either fairly new or valuable. It is also important if it's often parked on the street where more car theft and vandalism takes place, rather than a home driveway. If you drive an older or cheap car, however, it may not be worth the addition to your payments.

When it comes to buying auto insurance, there is no such thing as being too informed. The more you know about different policies, additions, and how to lower your premiums, the better off you'll be. Compare multiple quotes and carefully consider each provider. If you are diligent and informed when you choose your new Jacksonville car insurance, you will be much more likely to make the best choice possible.


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