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Jared Fogle Runs NYC Marathon

While professional athletes like Greg Oden might be having a tough year, some amateur ones are having some real success.  Jared Fogle, popular spokesperson for Subway for the past decade well known for his phenomenal weight loss, completed the New York City Marathon on November 7, 2010 in five hours and thirteen minutes. This was quite an accomplishment for a man who at one point wore pants that measured 62 inches at the waist [1]. The New York City Marathon is one of the most famous in the world, with tens of thousands of entrants year after year, including most of the greatest distance runners from around the globe. Obviously, with a finish time like that Jared Fogle can't be thought of in that category, but just running such a great distance and completing the race is something most people could never do.

The Subway Guy

Back when he was in college, Jared Fogle was a few hundred pounds overweight. He decided to do something about it, and as a result came up with a plan that he called the Subway Diet. The whole plan was very simple: he made better eating choices and picked sandwiches that did not contain mayonnaise, for example, and stuck to smaller portions. The plan might seem overly simplistic but it sure worked. A friend of his at a college magazine where he went to school was amazed when he saw Jared Fogle and almost didn't recognize him because of the phenomenal weight loss. He wrote a story about him that was eventually picked up by some news media and a national circulation men's magazine. The story became known as the Subway Diet, and he was instantly dubbed the Subway Guy [1].

Of course, it did not take long for Subway's marketing team to catch wind of what was going on, so they carefully crafted an ad campaign around his story, one that they have now been using for over a decade. Although the chain has been using him less in the past few years as their spokesperson, he still does commercials and public appearances for them from time to time as their national spokesperson. It is amazing to some people that a guy who decide to do something about being obese ended up making a career out of it as the Subway Guy, a world famous person now closely associated with the chain.

Accomplishments of Jared Fogle

It is inspiring to many people to read about Jared Fogle and find out about some of the things he has been able to do in his life. His story, if anything, has to suggest that many of the limits we feel preventing us from achieving our goals are those we place upon us. This is as true of normal family auto insurance shoppers as it is of Jared Fogle. He ran a marathon more than a decade after dropping dramatic weight that he has mostly managed to keep off for all these years.

Jared Fogle also got married earlier this year after a 2009 engagement [1], his second marriage following a divorce a few years previous. It evidently has been a good year for the Subway Guy. There are a lot of people like this in the public sphere that if folks paid attention to could really inspire them in their own lives. Jared Fogle is just s regular guy who happened to make a positive life choice that turned out even better than he could have expected because he followed through on his original plan and didn't give up. Jared Fogle is someone regular folks can identify with, something that makes him appealing as an ad spokesman.

[1] Retrieved 2010-11-22.


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