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Jennifer Grey on DWTS

The opening of the new season of Dancing with the Stars has made headlines despite news of a recent Similac baby formula recall thanks to the inclusion of a former star.  Jennifer Grey, made famous by a role opposite Patrick Swayze in the landmark film Dirty Dancing, has landed a spot in the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars. In the opening week for season 11 of the series, she dedicated a song to Swayze, one that was featured in the movie the two starred in together. Her dance was so successful that it earned the very top score of the night with the judges.

Background of Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey is an American actress best known for her role as Frances "Baby" Houseman in the movie Dirty Dancing. That role coupled with her appearance in the popular cult classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off catapulted her to fame in the late 1980s. Both films were commercially popular at the time of their cinematic release; but more significantly, both remain extremely well loved to fans a generation later. Her entire career could have been based just on those two roles, especially the one opposite Swayze which turned out to be the role of a lifetime for Jennifer Grey.

In the years following these films' great success, she underwent a rhinoplasty that turned out so badly that it required a second procedure just to repair the damage done. By the time it was all over, Jennifer Grey was no longer recognizable even to some of her own friends [1]. The huge change in her appearance seriously derailed her acting career. Although she has been in some smaller roles including a brief stint on television, she has never been able to recapture the career momentum that she had going in the late 1980s. She even thought about changing her name at one time but ultimately decided against it.

Today, Jennifer Grey has instantly become one of the front runners to capture the mirror ball trophy and win season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars". DWTS has been a great career springboard to many people before her, so it will be interesting to pay attention to the show's progress and the time after it ends to see if any such changes come to light for Jennifer Grey. At this point she is a major crowd favorite after her emotional waltz that managed to pay tribute to Patrick Swayze in a meaningful way. In between commercials for auto insurance companies and family cruise lines, she proved she is not going to be easily eliminated from the competition.

Front Runners in DWTS

This is something that seems to frequently happen on DWTS. In the early going of the program, there emerge front runners that no one really anticipated would claim that position. Perhaps with a professional background Jennifer Grey should have been considered a shoo in to grab the top spot early. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain: Jennifer Grey is taking the experience very seriously and is working as hard as she can to perform her very best. This is the kind of effort viewers on the show expect and appreciate. And of course it doesn't go unnoticed with the judges, either. The performance of Jennifer Grey had one judge in tears over its emotional nature.

Jennifer Grey definitely has had some career missteps over the past few decades. But with this entry into the popular TV series DWTS, it is evident that she is getting all the steps right these days. Among all of the competitors participating in season 11, Jennifer Grey has to be looked at as at least as much of a threat as anyone is to win the whole thing.

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