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Jets Thanksgiving Game Ends in Win

Dwayne Johnson isn't the only one having a tremendous holiday season - the Jets Thanksgiving game that they were granted to host by the NFL to go along with the games being hosted by the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions may have proven to be the most remarkable of all, a nightcap that featured a great comeback and an individual performance to remember, and not by quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez was solid throughout the game, but his numbers were fairly pedestrian overall. What was spectacular was the performance of the Jets all everything Brad Smith. Smith was outstanding in the Jets Thanksgiving game, which could prove to be an annual tradition and may or may not end up sliding into the daytime slot occupied by the Lions, with rumblings all over the country regarding that game and the right Detroit has to host it every year.

Brad Smith Dominates in Win

He scored two different ways, once on a kickoff return he brought back from the Jets 11 and another time running for a 53 yard touchdown on handoff from Sanchez. What was probably the more impressive of the two was the kickoff return, not so much because it was longer as because he accomplished it even as one of his cleats fell off of his foot. The Thanksgiving game gave New York fans something to be thankful for even as Bengals fans were probably crying in their stuffing after a 26-10 defeat. The score kept their records mirror images of one another, with New York going to 9 and 2 on the season and the Bengals picking up their ninth loss to go with two wins.

If nothing else, this win by the Jets proved that the team was capable of doing it on both sides of the ball, and that they were not a one man show. The starting QB more than anything just worked to avoid big mistakes, and Smith and wide receiver Santonio Holmes did the rest, with Holmes catching his fourth touchdown pass of the last three games. A field goal and even a safety of Cincinnati QB Carson Palmer rounded out the scoring for New York, who used the Jets Thanksgiving game maybe not so much to make a statement about their dominance as a demonstration that they are well rounded, with major contributions including scoring from offense, defense, and special teams.

Jets Super Bowl Favorites

Ever since their strong finish and appearance in the AFC Championship Game last year, New York has been a Super Bowl favorite to represent the conference. As it stands right now, the team is in first place in the AFC East after the Jets Thanksgiving game win. This Thanksgiving football fans really seemed to see a team that has grown up and grown closer together as the season has progressed. Under Coach Rex Ryan, players like Santonio Holmes have thrived and shown their skills in games like this Jets Thanksgiving game.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and fun, and football is a big part of that in many households. This Thanksgiving we may have seen a new tradition emerge in NY with a club that seems to be just getting started establishing itself in the city and the league. The contest this season may have been the favorite for a lot of fans nationwide because it was in the evening slot and because it showed off Smith's brilliance. This year's Jets Thanksgiving game might be the first of many more to come, a prospect that most car club insurance customers and football fans across the country probably would not mind seeing come to pass.


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