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John F Kennedy Jr Birth Remembered

Novermber 25th isn't just the day of an exciting Jets Thanksgiving game - John F Kennedy Jr was born on November 25, 1960 and died in a plane crash on July 16, 1999. This past Thanksgiving marked what would have been his 50th birthday, JFK Jr or John John as he was called by the press even into adulthood spent his early childhood in the White House with his family, including his father who was the President at the time and his mother Jackie Kennedy. John F Kennedy Jr was a regular figure in the public spotlight right from the time of his birth, which was only a little more than two weeks after his father won the 1960 presidential election. This pattern did not end with his father's assassination in 1963, but continued all the way up until the time of his own untimely death in 1999 [1].

Early Days of JFK Jr.

John F Kennedy Jr graduated from the Phillips Academy and then attended Brown University in the early 1980s, where he received his bachelor's degree. It was at around this same time that he began to establish his reputation as a true bachelor of the highest order. With the charm and the good looks that both of his parents had possessed in their youth, he was quick to make friends and to establish connections with women. But he seemed to be a playboy and not necessarily one well suited to settle down and have a family. He dated numerous celebrities throughout his young adulthood, including a few well known models, actress Darryl Hannah, and even Madonna for a brief period of time [1].

As he grew older and the 1980s gave way to the next decade, John F Kennedy Jr did begin to settle into a bit more of a routine and went back to Brown to get his law degree, passing the bar exam in the state of New York in 1990. He ended up working in the New York prosecutor's office after that, while also spending time on other projects such as a magazine he published called George that was quite a hip sensation for a time. Ordinary car club insurance customers seemed to connect well with John F Kennedy Jr because he was the guy everyone had seen grow up right before their eyes, not just some star that dropped from the sky or a Hollywood creation.

Ever since his iconic salute to the flag draped over his father's casket during the funeral procession was captured on camera in 1963, the country had sort of been in love with John F Kennedy Jr. He was not even 39 years old yet when he died so it is hard to say where his life and career arc would have taken him had he lived longer. But he did settle down and get married to Carolyn Bessette in 1996. The two remained as husband and wife all the way up until that day in November of 1999 when the plane he was flying crashed and killed both of them along with Carolyn's sister Lauren.

John John Still Remembered

John F Kennedy Jr died 11 years ago yet the 50th anniversary of his birth trended on Thanksgiving week, demonstrating his continued popularity, or perhaps the public's undying fascination with the family of John F Kennedy Jr, a family that never seems to see its end of tragedy. John F Kennedy Jr is missed by many people, and the former iconic figure involved in his dad's sad plight became sort of a tragic hero of his own. John F Kennedy Jr is still remembered.

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