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John Lennon Quotes Continue to Inspire

Thirty years after his untimely death at the hands of Mark David Chapman, the unique message that John Lennon had to share with the world continues to inspire. Some of the quotes that he is known for are controversial, while others seemed designed to raise objections or to make people angry. But a lot of them are just thought provoking and honest and insightful, much like the ever quotable Lee Corso. There were many sides to this musician and artist. He was more than a singer and guitar player for a big rock band, more than just some voice of the 1960s. John Lennon quotes still touch us today when they come around from time to time.

These sayings can still educate and remind us about priorities, like when he said time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. In our society we get so caught up in the rat race sometimes that we feel like we are not accomplishing anything if we are not accomplishing something. May of the things he said and wrote and sang, and many of the things his fans have felt, might suggest otherwise. We worry about making enough money and buying a big house and a big car to put in the big garage and trying to purchae car insurance for the big car, but really when we think about it, all you need is love, as John Lennon might say.

Thoughts on Peace

He lived during a very tumultuous time in world history, during the Vietnam War and other terrible events. He wrote songs about peace and said things like, "if everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace," and the things he said and sand became these famous sound bites and snippets of pop culture. But in our society although we mourn for him, there are probably few among us who don't still want that new TV set.

John Lennon quotes make you think about your own place in the world, about what you could be, about what you were meant to be, even. He said, "We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun." Many of his listeners must have taken comfort in that sort of thing upon hearing it, but how many really came to believe it? John Lennon had a way of saying things that were easy to agree with because they rolled so freely off of his tongue. He had such charm and charisma that even little kids today who never saw him while he was alive still recognize that in him.

Some John Lennon quotes just sound creepy now. He once said that everybody loves you when you're six feet in the ground. These and other quotes make you wonder what he really thought about celebrity and his own standing as some sort of generational spokesperson underneath all of that carefully worded "careless" rhetoric. The quotes that John Lennon is known for are so often about being free and not conforming, and yet the people who cling to these quotes the most are the ones conforming in the lives they lead.

Remembering John Lennon Quotes

There were many great John Lennon quotes that stirred the soul or just made you think a little deeper, like when he said that everything is clearer when you're in love. Folks who are in love might know exactly where he's coming from, but to others the mystery deepens. John Lennon quotes like there is a great woman behind every idiot turned classic lines of thought on their side and made us see them in different ways.


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