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Jon Gruden Miami Rumors Unfounded

Not everyone in sports is having a great of year as Kyrie Irving.  Contrary to what a lot of Hurricanes fans were hoping to hear after an emotional roller coaster of a week with conflicting reports going one way or the other, the Jon Gruden Miami rumor mill had no basis in truth. After meeting with University of Miami officials, Jon Gruden once again reaffirmed his desire to remain on with ESPN as an analyst for Monday Night Football in 2011, and disputed any notion of his interest in the job. He said that the meeting was exploratory and that he was there primarily to help the school in its efforts to find some good candidates to replace Randy Shannon as the head football coach.

Hurricanes Looking for Big Name

To replace Shannon, it is obvious that Miami is looking for a big name. They need someone with a proven winning pedigree to make their alumni and others happy at this former football powerhouse. The Hurricanes program that dominated college football in the 1980s and into the early 1990s has shown some signs of life, but is still far from being a national title contender. A Jon Gruden Miami scenario would have at least given the school some hope for the future and luminary to dangle in front of potential recruits and others. But Jon Gruden is simply not interested, even though there were reports as recently as a week previous that the two sides were close to a contract agreement in principle.

It is funny how the rumor mill works. It is not as if someone like the old Bucs coach needs money to help make his automobile insurance policies payment every month. Yet the story circulating had it that this Jon Gruden Miami pairing was inevitable. It is no different than it has been with him and other job openings. The Michigan job is notable among them. Wolverines faithful have been praying for Jon Gruden to come to Ann Arbor since at least as far back as 2007, and his name gets mentioned every year at the close of the season when the alumni call for the head of Rich Rodriguez. Strangely enough, there were actually Ohio State fans in some sizable quantity in 2009 wishing for him to replace Jim Tressel because of Tressel's conservative offensive style, especially given that his quarterback Terrelle Pryor seems best suited for improvisation.

But the rumor mill never ends, and it usually doesn't mean much, either. There is no guarantee that Rodriguez will be fired; he'll probably survive for a fourth year unless Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh comes calling. But for Miami, the failure to land this favorite target really says more about the program than it does about him. It means that the U still has a ways to go before it is a really premiere program again, one that would have the brand power to lure a top candidate like that from a posh life as a commentator. Jon Gruden Miami doesn't work because the stress and the NCAA compliance rules and all that hassle aren't worth dealing with.

Possible Miami Hurricanes Coaching Candidates

With Jon Gruden Miami on the back burner, there will certainly be some rumors kicking up now about other candidates for the job going forward. Jon Gruden will not lead the team in 2011, but if he is being honest, he has tried to play a part in helping the school find someone who can, like Les Miles did for Michigan in meeting them in 2007. Jon Gruden Miami is a dead deal so now the school must find some attractive candidates to make a great hire happen.


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