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Jon Stewart Hosts President Obama

Entertainment and sports news, such as the recent Fernando Valenzuela craze, continue to make headlines.  Jon Stewart, the host of the irreverent "fake news" show The Daily Show on Comedy Central, hosted President Barack Obama in October of 2010 on his show. Obama was there to stump for fellow Democrats running in the congressional midterm elections, where it was feared by many in the party that the Republicans might wrest control of both houses. This was just the latest in a long string of appearances by powerful political figures. Interestingly enough, this show has managed to be relevant politically at least as a place to appeal to the masses in spite of the fact that the show is over the top in its sarcasm and satire.

Actually, that might be the very key to the success Jon Stewart has had with the show and his career on Comedy Central. The fact that guests can come in and enjoy some no holds barred banter and maybe even score style points with viewers has endeared the program to more than a few political figures on both sides of the aisle. The show has been a popular and critical hit ever since Jon Stewart joined in 1999. The show has been just as good to him as he has been to it. Thanks in part to the notoriety he has gained as host of The Daily Show, he has been able to score some movie acting jobs and other gigs along the way.

The Daily Show

But his "role" as host of the Comedy Central political news satire is really where Jon Stewart is at his best. The way he plays off his job as the host of the show is hilarious in itself without even taking into consideration the content of the show or the guests that appear. Jon Stewart pans the egotistical, over the top personalities that dominate political talk shows on the cable networks. This is an example of art imitating life, and doing it better than the original in some ways.

It is interesting to note that he is able to safely critique the work of other hosts even from the location of a "fake" news desk. But anyone who watches the show regularly will report that actually, there is a lot of real news content, filtered through a sarcastic comedic lens. This is the kind of news that is easier to sit through than your dad's favorite channel that you had to sit through as a kid just to get to the baseball scores.

Early Career

Jon Stewart has built a career that began in the mid 1990s doing standup to the point where he is a household name like performance and DWI car insurance companies, almost a cottage industry. Followers of his show and career will note that Jon Stewart now serves in multiple capacities with his show. In addition to hosting he is also one of the executive producers and a writer on the show. It makes sense that Jon Stewart, a guy who got his start in comedy, would end up doing some writing on a show like this. It would seem to be a waste of his talent in any other way.

His off the cuff remarks demonstrate his humor. The way Jon Stewart banters back and forth with guests on his show is really quite remarkable. Although the show is of course a sham in some ways, yet there is certainly some serious content and there are real issues that get covered. Jon Stewart did not originate The Daily Show, but he has made it his own brand. Without him as the host, the program just would not be the same.


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