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Kate and William Finally Get Engaged

Jared Fogle's marathon run is taking a backseat in the news to a more royal story.  Following eight years of dating and months of rampant speculation in presses around the world, Kate and William are finally engaged. Earlier in 2010 there was speculation that the presumptive media had halted what would have been an engagement announcement from the couple. William finally proposed to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton on the last day of a vacation they took away from home. To pop the question, he used a sapphire ring that was already world famous for his dad Prince Charles' use of it to propose to Lady Diana. The announcement means that there will be another huge royal wedding almost exactly 30 years after the ceremony between Charles and Di, which occurred in the summer of 1981.

How Kate and William Met

Kate and William go way back, at least by the standards of folks under the age of 30. They met and started dating some eight years ago while they were both college students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. It is completely unheard of for an heir to the throne of England to marry a commoner who is not even a member of the aristocracy, but such is the royal life in Great Britain these days. Rather than being set up or arranged with one another, Kate and William met and fell in love the old fashioned way, the way most normal folks do. Although Kate Middleton has no title or claim to royal blood and actually comes from a middle class background, her upbringing evidently was more than good enough to prepare her for life with the royal family, because through the years she has proven that she is up to the challenge.

William is second in line to the throne behind his father Prince Charles of Wales. Should he ever become king, he would be the first ever to be married to a commoner. This is a huge departure from tradition whose significance cannot be underestimated. Literally centuries' worth of doing things one way were shattered when William slipped the sapphire engagement ring on the ring finger of his long time girlfriend. But it is obvious that neither of the two is particularly concerned with this departure from the norm. In fact, what they are doing in some ways is bringing a new kind of "norm" into the royal family, because they met as normal people in normal surroundings and chose each other the way normal people do.

Big Royal Wedding Coming

Of course, there are certain traditions in Great Britain that even Kate and William cannot get away from. There is a huge wedding coming next year, one that will be attended by world luminaries and covered by all of the presses. Even if they scooped the media by keeping the engagement a secret until it had already happened, Kate and her future husband will have to submit to the traditional routines of the way these ceremonies are done. There is only so much you can do when you are born to Charles and Di, after all.

Family auto insurance consumers who lead average lives may escape for a few hours as they delight in the spectacle that is sure to come as William and Kate get married some 30 years after William's parents had their fairytale moment. The hope for all involved is that this marriage turns out better than the one experienced by Di and Charles. Kate and William have a lot of catching up to do and planning to get done if they want this ceremony to measure up to royal standards.


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