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Basketball Wives Features Kenny Anderson's Ex

The second season of the VH1 hit show "Basketball Wives" premiered on December 13, and it features some notable wives and ex wives of NBA basketball players. One of the members of the cast, who hasn't been heard from all that much lately, is the ex wife of retired NBA player Kenny Anderson. He lost his wife Tami Roman after six years of marriage that fell apart just like the Metrodome collapse when it came to light in the media that he had been unfaithful to her. Now presumably on this reality show, viewers will get to hear all of the gory details of the split up.

Kenny Anderson Career Highlights

Kenny Anderson has a story that just makes you wonder what might have been. In high school out of Queens, NY, he was a basketball genius, a three time All American. He went to Georgia Tech for two years, leading the Yellow Jackets not only to national relevance but to the Final Four in 1990. He went on to the NBA, drafted by the New Jersey Nets in the second round. In those days there were no high school players or one year college players making the leap to the National Basketball Association, so in his first year Kenny Anderson was actually the youngest player in the league even though he had been to college for two years.

He had some ups and downs with the Nets, but did have one great year in 1993-94, when he and teammate Derrick Coleman represented the team in the All Star Game. Over the years after 1996 when Kenny Anderson was traded to the Charlotte Hornets, he was shipped all over the league and played in many different towns. He played for the Blazers, the Celtics, the Super Sonics, the Pacers, the Hawks, and the Clippers. He was even traded to the Toronto Raptors once but refused to go so he never played there.

Nut over the years, in spite of making well over $60 million, Kenny Anderson never seemed to live up to his immense potential. That little glimpse with the Nets in 1994 was as good as it got for him. It was good enough to make a ton of money...which he lost all of shortly after retirement. Having no financial management skills to speak of, Kenny Anderson managed to spend all that money, with hardly enough left for the car insurance dealer when it was all over. His wife had left him because he cheated on her during their marriage, and now he was without a bride or a dollar to his name.

Back to School

Kenny Anderson decided to go back to school and finish his degree that he had started working on during his two years at Georgia Tech. In the spring of 2010 he did finish and graduated. Although he is broke just like average people who never made millions upon millions of dollars, at least now Kenny Anderson has that education to fall back on. It is actually nice to see former athletes go back to school and do things like that once the spotlight is away from them.

Of course, with "Basketball Wives" in full swing, one wonders if the spotlight will stay away from Kenny Anderson for long. The interest people have in the show may turn to some sort of curiosity about him and how he is doing, and he might get dragged back out into it. Kenny Anderson has led an interesting life so far, to say the least. His skills on the court have left him, but he has a lot of living yet to do.


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