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Kenny Chesney a Country Music Sensation

Derek Jeter isn't the only name dominating recent sports and entertainment news - Kenny Chesney has been around the country music scene for quite some time, releasing his first studio album in 1994 and remaining productive in the studio ever since then with a total of 17 albums. Fifteen of those albums have been certified gold or higher, meaning that he has been very successful in capturing a sound that appeals to the country music buying demographic as a whole. His career has been marked by continued success, capped off between 2005 and 2008 when he was named the country music entertainer of the year four straight times by the Country Music Association [1]. His career demonstrates true lasting power and a good amount of perseverance.

Many performers in Hollywood as well as Nashville hit the scene and make a splash with a huge hit on the radio or a big summer tour, and briefly become household names among fans of the genre. But performers like Kenny Chesney manage to transcend momentary flashes of brilliance and parlay their talent and ambition into genuine top billing type careers. In a career spanning sixteen years and counting, he still manages to come with the passion and excitement that make him a huge draw at concerts, where he regularly sells out every seat in the house everywhere he goes on every summer tour.

Prodigious Studio Recordings

One thing about Kenny Chesney that endears him to his fans is that he always gives them something new to play in their stereos at home or on the road. In sixteen years he has released seventeen albums, meaning even with his relentless touring all across the country he still finds time to get into the studio pretty much every year to record new material. This is a testament to his standing as a complete musician. Kenny Chesney is looked upon by his fans as a great performer on stage; but he also spends a lot of time working on the craft in the studio. Recording music in this manner is a much different extension of the art than performing it live. These are two totally different parts of the trade, and most musicians in popular genres are stronger in one than they are in the other. But Kenny Chesney appears to have the two sides in perfect balance.

Failed Marriage to Renee Zellweger

This is not to say that everything Kenny Chesney does turns out perfectly. He has made his share of mistakes as well, as evidenced by the tattered remains of his failed marriage to actress Renee Zellweger. After the marriage was annulled, Kenny Chesney acknowledged that he didn't really know what the responsibilities of being married involved, and he basically took the blame for the annulment [1]. Since the marriage ended in 2005, Kenny Chesney has remained single, seemingly opting to concentrate on a career that was reaching its peak right at the same time.

Kenny Chesney is a well traveled and highly decorated country music singer, songwriter, and performer. His songs appeal to many ordinary people and car insurance subscribers who need mechanical breakdown insurance because they remind us of the simple things in life. His career continues to go well even after he's been around for all these years. A big part of this success seems to come from all of the energy he puts into what he does. This energy translates on the stage and in the studio as well, according to his many fans. Kenny Chesney is a fixture in popular country music, a figure whose popularity does not appear as though it will wane any time soon.

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