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Kentucky Car Insurance Discounts

Drivers in Kentucky can save on their auto insurance. All they need to do is pursue the discounts that are available to them. This involves being aware of the discounts that are offered and discussing them with an auto insurance company before buying or renewing a policy. Motorists who do this will find themselves spending less on car insurance and with more money in their pockets.

Popular Auto Insurance Discounts

Many Kentucky drivers receive a discount on their automobile insurance based on different features of their vehicle. Automobiles with certain safety features are often eligible for a discount. These features often include airbags, anti-lock brakes, and anything else that makes the passengers less likely to be injured as the result of an accident. Newer cars with a safety rating above a certain level can also be eligible for this discount, though this is determined by the individual automobile insurance company.

Cars with anti-theft devices are also eligible for a discount, as well. The anti-theft devices in question can be something as complicate as a LoJack system, as standard as a car alarm, and as basic as a Club that is used regularly. Talk to your insurance company for details, because it may be worthwhile to install one of these in your vehicle to get the discount.

Vehicle insurance discounts based on your driving record are also popular. Most insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who have a clean driving record, and some offer an additional discount to those who have kept their record clean for a certain amount of time. These are often the most significant discounts a driver can have, as the past driving record correlates closely with a driver's future chance of getting into an accident. The less likely that is to happen, the cheaper the auto insurance will be.

Other Auto Insurance Discounts

Some car insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who have participated in an approved defensive driving course. Drivers over the age of 55 and under the age of 25 are more likely to qualify for this discount, as they are the drivers most likely to get into car accidents. Make sure that any course you enroll in is approved by your insurance company and that your discount over time will be more than the fee you pay for the course. Otherwise, you may not get the financial benefit you desire.

Students can also get car insurance discounts based on their grades. Since kids who are responsible with their schoolwork have been statistically proven to also be responsible behind the wheel, many auto insurance companies give a discount for a grade point average maintained above a certain level. Check with your particular company for their GPA cutoff.

Any groups or associations that you belong to could also net you a discount on your auto insurance policy. Relevant groups can include professional associations, alumni associations, civic groups, and more. Check with the groups you're a member of to determine if they have negotiated discounts with any of the auto insurance companies you'd like to work with.

Sometimes, you can also get discounted vehicle insurance coverage if your mileage is under a certain level every month or year. To be eligible for this discount, you will probably have to keep track of your mileage and/or have your odometer checked regularly by the insurance company or their representative. This ensures that no one uses dishonesty to get discounted insurance rates and that the rates of legitimate low-mileage drivers stay low.

Some automobile insurance companies offer discounts based on your relationship with them. Discounts for having multiple cars and/or drivers on the same policy are common, as are discounts for having multiple policies with the same company. These can be multiple car insurance policies, but many companies that also offer life, health, renters, or homeowners insurance include these polices, too. Many companies will give you an additional discount if you are a long-term policyholder with them, since this is to their benefit. Finally, automobile insurance companies will often offer a small discount if you pay for the whole term of your policy in full, up front, instead of making monthly payments on it.

Drivers who examine these discounts carefully and determine which ones best apply to them, their families, and their situation will be able to save the most on automobile insurance. If you have looked through this list of possible discounts and have questions about whether a particular discount could apply to you, talk to your car insurance company about it. They will let you know if they offer the discount and whether or not you meet their specific criteria for getting it. You may be surprised to find yourself saving more than you'd thought possible on your auto insurance.


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