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Kentucky Car Insurance Rules and Regulations

Kentucky car insurance rules and regulations require all drivers in the state to be covered by automobile insurance policies meeting minimum state guidelines. Drivers in the state of Kentucky must abide by these rules or risk punitive consequences. There are other areas of coverage that many drivers in the state choose to add to their auto policies on top of the required elements. Each individual area of coverage adds value to your policy and protects you as a driver in a specific way. It is a good idea to review your policy from time to time to make sure it is up to date and that it reflects your needs as a driver and an auto owner. Keeping track of the rules and regulations as administered by the state also keeps you in line with state law and gives you a basis for thinking about optional areas of coverage in framing your individual or family policy.

What's Required of Kentucky Drivers

Kentucky is a state in which drivers are all required to purchase and maintain auto insurance to protect themselves and other motorists. Auto liability coverage is mandatory for all drivers. Kentucky requires its motorists to carry split form liability car insurance as a minimum. They have to have at least $25,000 in single victim bodily injury, $50,000 in multiple victim bodily injury, and $10,000 worth of property damage liability insurance from a state licensed car insurance provider [1].

Liability protection protects covered policy holders by shielding them from having to directly bear the costs of these liability expenses after at fault accidents. For the relatively low cost of a policy, you get great protection from these costs; expenses that very few among us could really afford to bear otherwise. There are options for self insurance that require significant capital. But for most drivers, personal liability insurance is the only realistic option for getting into compliance with state law.

On top of liability protection, Kentucky is also a no fault state, meaning drivers shopping policies should also pick up no fault or personal injury protection. The state requires $10,000 worth of no fault, which covers expenses like medical costs and lost wages for the covered driver in accidents, regardless of who was at fault in the crash. Between liability and PIP coverage, Kentucky drivers have a solid base of protection to build upon. But these two areas are just the foundation; there are many other areas of available coverage for KY motorists.

Additional Auto Insurance to Consider

There are some additional auto insurance options to consider as well. When drivers pick out the details of their policies, they can choose from among these options to customize their protection. Collision and comprehensive insurance both work alongside liability coverage to form the main portions of your auto policy. They make up the majority of the premium motorists pay for coverage.

Collision insurance protects your car from damage due to an accident and makes no distinction for fault. In other words, if you get into an at fault accident, your liability policy will pay for damages to the other car, but your collision plan will pay out for damage to your own car. In a similar way, comprehensive coverage works to protect your vehicle against the risk of loss. If your car is stolen or if it sustains damage due to any covered non collision event, comprehensive auto protection will pay out towards the damages incurred. The maximum payout on either part of your policy is normally based on the market value of your vehicle, unless you elect replacement cost coverage, which some providers do offer at an additional cost. If you are presented with this option when you get ready to enroll in a policy, it is smart to see what the cost difference would be and weigh that against the difference in coverage. Always keep your options open and investigate all possibilities.

Save Money and Protect Yourself

As a driver in the state of Kentucky, you are required to abide by state guidelines regarding registering and insuring your vehicle. If you take the time to check into all of your choices and evaluate each one in light of both price and protection, you will come out with a policy that you can live with as both a driver and a consumer.

Save money and protect yourself at the same time. Put together a policy combining the best coverage you can afford with the lowest price you can find. Search online using our free quote site and choose from low price top quality car insurance options. Kentucky car insurance rules and regulations dictate to a certain extent the decisions you make as an auto owner on the KY policy you put together.



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