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Kentucky Factors that Affect Insurance Rates

Most drivers in Kentucky would be thrilled to save some money on their car insurance. Unfortunately, this can be difficult for individuals to do when they're trying to navigate policies and structures within large automobile insurance companies. However, if these drivers know the different factors that can affect their vehicle insurance rates in KY, they will know what to ask for when they approach the companies and how each factor can work to their benefit.

Save Money on Auto Insurance - Your Car

Several different attributes of your vehicle can help you save money on your auto insurance. The make, model, and age of your car is important when it comes to figuring out how much you will pay for your auto insurance coverage. Cars that would cost an insurance company more to replace in case of an accident will usually cost more to insure. In addition, vehicles more likely to be stolen will also cost more to insure. These are not always the newest and most expensive vehicles out there, though. In fact, some of the most commonly stolen cars are several years old.

Any safety features that your vehicle has will help you save money on your Kentucky car insurance. If you have anti-lock brakes, for instance, or dual airbags, or any one of a number of other features, your automobile insurance company may cut you a deal on your coverage. These features make it less likely that they will have to pay huge medical bills in case of an accident, and so they just might cut you a deal on your coverage. In fact, it may be worthwhile to have one or more of these features installed on your car, if you don't already have it.

Finally, any anti-theft features, like a LoJack device or a car alarm, could also help you save on your auto insurance premiums. These make your car less likely to be stolen and/or more likely to be recovered if it is stolen, and so mean your insurance company is also less likely to have to pay on your account. Thus, you will pay less for your vehicle insurance if you drive a car with one or more of these features.

Save Money on Auto Insurance - Yourself

The most important factor in determining your automobile insurance rates is your previous driving record. This includes not only any tickets or moving violations you might have received, but also how many previous claims you have made on your car insurance coverage. Note that claims will count against you even if the accident that caused the injury or damage was not your fault. Regardless of who caused the accident, a claim on your account means that your insurance company had to pay, which raises the likelihood that they will have to do so again. Keeping tickets and claims to a minimum can greatly lower your auto insurance rates.

Your gender also plays a determining role in your insurance rates, with men paying more and women paying slightly less for their coverage when all other factors are equal. Men are more likely to get into accidents than women, and most insurance experts attribute this to the higher level of aggression often found in men.

Similarly, your age is important when an auto insurance company is figuring your rates. Drivers under the age of 25 are the group most likely to get into auto accidents, and so pay more for any insurance coverage they purchase. Older people, above the age of 55, are the next group most likely to have an accident, and they are followed by everyone else.

Married people will also pay less for their vehicle insurance coverage than any unmarried counterparts. This is attributed to an increased sense of both responsibility and groundedness that many married people report.

Where you live plays an important role in how much your auto insurance coverage will cost in Kentucky, too. Drivers in rural areas pay less for their coverage, simply because they spend less time driving in busy traffic. Where you live also influences where you keep your vehicle, which in turn influences your insurance rates as vehicles kept in a garage are less likely to face vandalism and/or theft. Living in a low theft area will also help, as cars there are safer.

There are other factors about you that will influence how much you pay for auto insurance coverage. Things like your credit score, your occupation and hobbies, your health, any policy lapses, and how much you drive will all figure into the equation. If you have questions about how any specific factor influences your particular policy, be sure to ask your insurance company. They should be able to give you an explanation that both makes sense and helps you save money.


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