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Kids Love Their Squinkies

Maybe a bigger news story than Jim Harbaugh leaving Stanford depending on who you ask, Squinkies have become all the rage among young children looking for a cute collectible toy. Most adults when asked what Squinkies are would have no idea, but if you ask a young girl she would be able to go on and on for hours about all the different kinds and sets she has. In a world where it seems like there is a new fad toy out every week, these small squishy figurines have become the latest must have. They are relatively inexpensive and that makes it easier for parents to purchase them for their kid in the store without being prodded too much. They can make a good reward for kids that will please the young one and unlike some things, like teen car insurance, will not break the bank.

A Squinkie Defined

Squinkies are small rubber toy that come in any number of characters and objects. Some Squinkies are used as pencil toppers while others can be used as an accessory on jewelry. The toys come in little clear balls that must be opened to reveal the surprise. Kids can collect different ways to use the toys, for instance some kits come with a ring or bracelet to put the Squinkies on. You can change out the princess crown for a kitty cat or the royal throne for a puppy dog. They are very small and should not be used around small children as they are definitely a choking hazard.

Squinkies can be characterized as yet another toy that comes in sets and can be collected by kids. Once your child has one of the many groups, he or she will want to have all of them. Not only can the kids put them on pencils and jewelry, they can also use their imagination to play with the Squinkies independent of any other prop. Some kids will sit for hours and make up different stories and scenarios to put their Squinkie in. By encouraging this kind of use, parents can inspire their children to imagine fun worlds and characters outside of the typical TV and video games.

Squinkie Mania

Squinkies have become popular for many reasons. They are cute little toys that appeal to small children, especially girls, and with very effective marketing they are now the in thing. It is much easier to get someone to buy a few cheap items instead of making them make a large purchase. When a kid asks for something that costs four dollars it is much easier to say yes than when they ask for something that is forty dollars. The company that makes these toys has taken advantage of this theory and so far has succeeded in getting parents to say yes. By appealing to children as well as the adult's pocket book, the sales have gone through the roof. Kids can even buy them easily with their own money from their allowance without saving up for months and months.

Even though most adults would not know a Squinkie if it hit them in the face, kids have definitely come to love the squishy little things. Some of the fad toys have left the market as quickly as they became popular in the first place. Others have shown to have some staying power and will be around for years to come. Whether Squinkies will be one that sticks with the kids or not, only time will tell. One thing for sure is that right now they are a good investment to make if you want to make a screaming five year old girl happy again.


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