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Kyle Boller and Carrie Prejean Expecting

Gordon Lightfoot isn't the only celebrity with good news this year - four months after their summer wedding, NFL quarterback Kyle Boller and former Miss California Carrie Prejean are expecting their first child. Most observers expect their offspring to be pretty good looking given the gene pool. The start of a new family for the former high school and college football star in the state of California has come at a time when some National Football League observers find it amazing that Kyle Boller is even employed. After being drafted in the first round of the National Football League Draft in 2003 by the Baltimore Ravens, there were high hopes for this young quarterback, who out of high school had been a national sensation and in college had made a very good name for himself at the University of California.

Tough Road in NFL Career

But these expectations have never been met in reality. Two huge factors have always seemed to work against him ever since way back in 2003 when Kyle Boller was first drafted. The first factor is that he has been unable to avoid turnovers. He consistently throws more interceptions than touchdowns and also fumbles the ball way more than the average rate for a quarterback. In fact, Kyle Boller actually holds two Baltimore Ravens career records that he surely hopes someone will break some day. He is the team's all time leader in interceptions thrown and the all time leader in fumbles as well [1].

Romance with Miss California

But he sure does not seem to have fumbled when it comes to romance. Kyle Boller had a fantastic wedding ceremony in July of 2010, and four months later he and his wife announced that she was three months pregnant. This is not his first go around with a famous woman, but it seems to be his first real attempt to get a family going. Now that he is ready to settle down, his backup quarterback role with the Oakland Raiders may become more or less important to him. It could be interesting for Raiders fans to keep an eye on.

The thing with Kyle Boller has always been that he has the tools and he is prototypical NFL quarterback as far as his physical stature. And there have been moments where he has shown some real flashes, but after all these seasons and three teams (he played briefly as a backup for the Rams), not a whole lot of fans seem to be on board anymore. In high school he was a sure thing type of prospect. In college he did well enough and showed enough potential to justify a good organization using a first round pick him. This wasn't the Lions picking Kyle Boller. This was the Ravens, a team that expected to win every week. It is very interesting how difficult it really is to project the career of an NFL player coming out of college, especially at the quarterback spot. Just ask the Lions.

Kyle Boller has not had very much luck in his professional life as a quarterback in the National Football League, although one could argue that he must be pretty lucky if he is still getting an NFL paycheck. Kyle Boller seems to so much better in his personal life than he does between the hash marks. With his recent marriage to Carrie Prejean and a baby on the way, things are pretty exciting for him these days, and he has a lot to look forward to. The hope import car insurance policyholders across the country have is that Kyle Boller doesn't fumble the baby when it is born.



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