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Lafayette Car Insurance

Lafayette car insurance rates depend on a number of things. If you go online to research quotes, you'll find that you're asked a number of questions to help determine what you will be paying. These will likely be questions regarding your past driving record, the kind of car you drive, and how often it is driven. If your residence in Lafayette, Indiana has multiple cars, you might be asked information about all of them. Insurance quote websites often offer you the ability to compare costs from different Lafayette auto insurance companies.

In IN, the laws for Lafayette car insurance are a little bit different than in other states. Whenever you move to a new state, it's important to check the insurance laws of that specific state. In Indiana, the law states that if you are found liable for a car accident, you need to have the proper coverage to pay for the damages to the other party involved in the car accident. There are two different kinds of Indiana liability coverage. The first kind is for bodily injury, and this includes both single bodily injury and multiple bodily injuries. It covers any hospital costs for the person or persons you hit. The second kind of liability coverage is physical property damage. It covers the cost of the damage to the car involved in the accident in Lafayette.

Accidents Occur

You may never need your Lafayette car insurance policy, but accidents do occur. It's important to know the proper procedure after an accident so that you don't become involved in lawsuits. You should have your insurance information, a camera (disposable, digital, or on your cell phone), and a pen and paper to take down information in case you are involved in a collision in IN. If the accident is minor you should try to get both vehicles off the road so that you don't involve another party in the car accident.

You should also call the police, even if the accident is minor. They can verify your account of the situation for your Lafayette car insurance company. They will have you fill out a report. Taking photos of the damage is also important, because then you have something to show to your insurance company so they will compensate your damages. After the accident, you should contact your policy company in Lafayette to make sure everything is covered as it should be.

Knowing Terms

Before you purchase a Lafayette car insurance plan, you should have some knowledge of the industry. Knowing simple terms for car coverage will help you be able to navigate the fine print and find the policy and plan that work for you and your budget in Lafayette. One of these terms is claim. A claim is the amount of money you ask for from your agent or company to compensate for the damages done in a car accident. The Lafayette automobile insurance company must agree on a coverage amount, and once an agreement is made, the money you receive is called your "benefit."

There are several other terms when it comes to Lafayette car insurance that it might be helpful for you to know. Actual cash value covers the amount of money that your property is worth at the time it is damaged. Replacement cost will end up giving you more money, because it covers the cost to purchase new property at market value. Even if your car is depreciated, you will still receive enough money for a new one in Lafayette. Your premium is the amount of money you pay for insurance coverage each month, and your deductible is the amount you pay after an accident to get your office-based or internet auto insurance company to give you your benefit.

Insurance Discounts

There are many different discounts available when it comes to the different Lafayette car insurance companies out there. You should check with each one specifically to see what they offer their customers. While the discounts offered by different companies are generally the same, they will have some differences, so if you want to save money you should go with the company that has the most discounts for you personally. These discounts could be based on a number of different things.

Proving you're a long time and loyal customer to your Lafayette vehicle insurance company is one way to receive discounts from them. Another way to get discounts in Indiana is to have a clean driving record and be in good health. If you're responsible on the road already, insuring companies will see you as less of a risk when covering any potential damages you might have. Your age group also affects what you pay for coverage. If you're retired or older, you can receive certain discounts. Depending on the company you choose in Lafayette, you can find the right price for your policy.


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