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Lakewood Car Insurance

Lakewood car insurance is a must for everyone living and driving in the lovely community of Lakewood, NJ. On the road of life we all choose different paths. Whether you are using your car for business or for pleasure, for that daily commute to work or for those weekly errands, one thing remains the same – the need to purchase adequate Lakewood automobile insurance. Get a New Jersey comprehensive policy for the most affordable rate by shopping, selecting and saving online.

Lakewood Auto Insurance Quotes

Lakewood car insurance tends to be on the expensive side compared to the national average. While car insurance rates will fluctuate depending on a number of things, drivers in the state of New Jersey can expect one of the highest premiums out there. The state average is over $2300 while the national average is around $1400[1].

There are a number of reasons why New Jersey state car insurance rates are so much higher than some of the other states. NJ sees a lot more action with commuters, vacationers and travelers constantly clogging up the roads. More traffic means more accidents and thus higher premiums.

New Jersey also comes with a fairly comprehensive standard policy compared to some of the other states. While Lakewood, NJ residents are required to purchase bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection, uninsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist property damage (as per the tort agreement), many other states only require their drivers to purchase bodily injury and property damage liability. What this means is that even a basic coverage in Lakewood is not too basic.

Lowering your Car Insurance Premium

The good news for drivers across Lakewood is that there are a number of ways to reduce the amount of money you pay on your Lakewood car insurance. This is the easiest way is to compare cheapest coverage options. Because there are hundreds of different providers across the nation, you have a wide variety of choice when it comes to your coverage agency. You may be able to find a much cheaper deal by switching to a different agency.

One of the ways in which car insurance providers get business is by offering deals or incentives for drivers to insure with them. These are often called ‘discounts’. There are discount programs in place for a number of drivers and people of all lifestyles, including students, senior or mature drivers, occasional drivers and green drivers. You could be awarded a discount through a loyalty program or through a multiple policy discount. You may not even realize that you are eligible for one of these deals. Be sure to compare the different discounts on offer when choosing the right provider and policy for you. Discounts can save you anywhere from 5 to 35 percent on your annual Lakewood car insurance.

Another option is to consider switching to a no fault system. Lakewood residents have the convenience of choosing whether they insure their vehicles under a limited tort or a full tort system. While a full tort system is the norm, you may be able to save by opting for a limited tort (or no fault) system instead. Be sure to compare both options and both price quotes on offer. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose – why not use it?

If you don’t want to switch your policy completely another way to get cheaper Lakewood vehicle insurance is to consider a higher deductible or excess on your policy. The deductible is the amount you pay if you need to make a claim while the premium is the amount you pay every year for coverage. You can save a couple hundred dollars by choosing a higher deductible. Just remember you will have to pay this amount if you need to make a claim so choose your deductible based on what you can afford.

Best Rates Lakewood Car Insurance

Keep in mind that while finding a cheap price for your car insurance in Lakewood is important, this is not the only factor to compare when shopping online. You also want to choose a provider that you feel confident with as well as a policy that offers high enough limits to suit your individual lifestyle. Consider your financial situation, your car and your family lifestyle when choosing your coverage and limits. While a student with an older car may be happy with $5,000 of property damage protection, a grown man with a family of four and a brand new SUV may want $25,000 of protection. The right Lakewood car insurance policy for you could be just around the corner – you just need to know where to go to find it. Shop, select and save on your car insurance today for adequate protection on and off the roads.

[1] 03/10/2011


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