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Lakewood Car Insurance

Lakewood car insurance providers are always competing for your business, and now is the time to take advantage of low rates - especially if you’re not already covered by Washington car insurance. As a quickly growing major Tacoma suburb, Lakewood is experiencing more traffic and, thus, more car accidents. It’s incredibly important that each driver carefully weigh the consequences and obtain the right insurance before it’s too late. As any formerly uninsured WA driver can tell you, it’s no fun paying all of those pesky legal fines and car repairs - especially when coupled with medical bills. Since there is no way to stop a car accident from happening, you should always take every necessary precaution and stay safe on Lakewood, WA roads.

However, saving money is not the only reason to obtain Lakewood car insurance - it’s also against the law to drive without insurance. To be a registered driver in the state of Washington, you must purchase liability coverage up to specific amounts and, if you do not, you risk tickets and your driving record will be marred. The entire process is both expensive and quite a hassle. Not to mention, driving without insurance actually makes it much more difficult to obtain coverage when you decide to do so.

Car Insurance Lapse in Lakewood

It seems like there are so many things to remember on a weekly basis, and we’ve all been guilty of paying a monthly bill a little late. These days, life is becoming more complicated and keeping your finances on track is like a never ending juggling act. Often, things slip through the cracks, and we end up paying the consequences. Paying a cable bill late can end up in additional fees and missing an electric bill can mean a night without power. However, one thing you absolutely do not want to forget is renewing your Lakewood automobile insurance.

A lapse in coverage, as it is called, may not seem like a big deal. However, it can have serious repercussions on your ability to achieve affordable Lakewood auto insurance. Any gap between policies, even a single day, can impact your future rates - and for good reason. If you drive without Lakewood car insurance, you’re taking an enormous risk and this is considered extremely irresponsible for any driver. This is exactly why it is important to take the time to renew your coverage as soon as possible.

The good news is that your Lakewood vehicle insurance provider will mail you a reminder about two weeks before your plan is set to expire and this gives you plenty of time to renew. It also gives you an opportunity to investigate cheap auto coverage rates from other providers, and this is a practice every driver should get into. By taking the time to compare multiple quotes, you can actually save a lot of money. If a Lakewood car insurance company is offering you the same coverage at a better rate, then you should most definitely take advantage of this immediately.

Rate Calculation

When people begin searching for their Lakewood car insurance plan, they are often stumped on why some drivers get better rates than others. Besides shopping wisely, drivers with low rates probably also represent a lesser risk to their insurer. The way Lakewood, WA rates are calculated is a somewhat complex equation that varies between companies, but they are all based on what is called a driver’s “risk factors.” The more likely a driver is to have a claim on their policy, the higher their risk and the more expensive their rates.

Risks are based on both a Lakewood driver’s history as well as common statistics. For example, statistics show that men are generally more likely to drive aggressively and be involved in more car accidents than females, so sometimes gender affects a driver’s rates. Statistics also show that younger drivers are more likely to cause car accidents, and so older drivers - usually those over 25 - receive higher rates. The type of car you drive can affect your rates as well because higher-powered, flashy vehicles are both more likely to become involved in an car accident and more likely to be stolen. Thus, a teenage boy in a brand new convertible is going to be paying a pretty sizable premium.

Of course, the biggest risk factor is a person’s Lakewood, Washington driving record. Repeat offenders and habitual accident causers are among the highest risk group, and pay the highest premiums. If you clean up your act, avoid traffic tickets and drive with caution, your rates will begin to drop quite a bit. Safe drivers are rewarded Because, essentially, they will not cost an insurance company near as much money. In other words, if you’re looking to save the most on your Lakewood car insurance, follow the rules of the road.


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