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Lauren Jones May Rejoin WWE

With the recent story of George Blanda's death, entertainment news continues to dominate headlines.  Lauren Jones may rejoin the WWE as a diva several years after briefly serving in that capacity. Since her first stint with World Wrestling Entertainment, she has become a much bigger star. She is a film and TV actress, model, radio show host, and shoe designer. With all of these varied interests, she has a busy schedule, but this does not seem to be stopping her or the WWE from considering the partnership. Agreeing to work as a diva would benefit her by providing for increased exposure in a new venue. And of course it would also benefit the WWE because it would give them another high profile star to market to fans.

The wrestling league has lost some of its big male stars in recent years as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and others have jumped ship to start movie careers and pursue other interests. But new stars are emerging and the WWE still seems to be in good shape. As for Lauren Jones, this would appear to be a calculated move on her part if she does in fact agree to the gig. With so many different things to promote from fashions to film roles, this would conceivably give Lauren Jones another place to market herself and the things she's got going in her professional life.

Early Life of Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones was born and raised as an only child living in Jackson, Mississippi. Her grandmother was the founder of the nonprofit organization Gleaner's, and her great aunt was a state representative in the Mississippi [1]. By the time she hit her teens, it was apparent that she would probably end up being a performer. She acted in some high school plays and was encouraged to pursue an acting career. She moved around a lot in subsequent years, with stays in New York, Los Angeles, and London among other places [1].

Professional Career

Lauren Jones won a modeling contest sponsored by Seventeen magazine in 2000, and her career has been on the upswing ever since then. She has appeared in many magazine spreads and advertisements through the years. But recently her acting career has begun to take off. She appeared in the film Anchorwoman and recently appeared in the star studded action film The Expendables as well as a handful of other movies [1]. At this moment it appears as though Lauren Jones can do no wrong professionally. She has recently appeared in Maxim and other men's magazines, and has developed quite an international following.

As her celebrity continues to rise, this former Barker's Beauty rises in prominence and name recognition. These days, there is no doubt that Lauren Jones probably does not have to worry about where she is going to get the money to pay her car insurance provider. Still relatively new to the film spotlight by Hollywood standards, she is being cast in various roles in major studio projects.

A Star on the Rise

As time continues to pass, we will see how high this star will rise. For now, it is enough to observe as Lauren Jones continues to make a name for herself in the entertainment business. If the proposed deal with the WWE is any indication, it would seem that she does not plan to get out of the spotlight any time soon. The wrestling entertainment league and the diva on the rise may be a good match for one another. No one is saying whether Lauren Jones will come back to the job she once briefly held, but if she does it will be news.

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