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Leaning How to Use an Emergency Brake

One element that a lot of drivers don't pay much attention to in their vehicles is an emergency brake. An emergency brake is actually something that a lot of drivers are thankful to never have to use just like a car safety kit, as it is normally meant to be used when a car experiences total brake failure. Just because you have not ever had a need to use this part of your car doesn't mean that you won't ever have to do so. If you take the time to learn how to do so, you will be much better off.

If you have a manual transmission, then you are likely to have used the emergency brake a lot. For manual drivers, the emergency brake is often engaged when parking on a slanted driveway or a hill. This is so that the car will not just roll away when it is parked. If you have an automatic car, then it is less likely that you have ever had to do this before. However, a lot of mechanics and auto specialists suggest that it is a good idea for drivers of all vehicle types to use emergency brakes when parking on hills.

Learning to Use the Brake

If you have never used an emergency brake before, then you need to learn how to operate it before the time comes where you have to. One thing that you help you learn how to use the brake is to practice it. You need to make sure that you do this in a area that is free of other cars so that you don't end up hurting anyone. If you can find a safe and empty hill to practice on, then you should do this, but otherwise you can use a parking lot.

When you are practicing how to use an emergency brake, you will want to slow down your speed and make sure that you are going around 20 miles per hour before you attempt to engage the brake. Slowly pull the emergency brake and up see what happens. If your car is still rolling once the lever has been fully extended, then you need to get the brake checked because it does not work. Not having a working emergency brake could put you at a serious risk for an accident later on.

It is a good idea for you to try and use your emergency brake sometimes even when you are not on an incline. Emergency brakes can get rusty, and this can cause them not to work properly. If this is the case, you could be out of luck when you really need to use these elements of your car to stop in an emergency. Employ your emergency brake overnight at least once a week to make sure that it is working right and it is not rusty. This will ensure that it doesn't break down too often.

Teaching Teens about Emergency Brakes

Learning how to use an emergency brake is something that all teens need to learn how to do. If your teen can learn how to effectively use an emergency brake, then he or she is going to be in a much safer position out on the road. You should make it a point to sit down with your teen and explain how this piece of a vehicle works. In doing so, you can show a teen what to do in an emergency braking situation and make sure that he or she knows just what to do and how to pull the brake.


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