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Leanne Rimes Denies Engagement Rumors

Alongside fellow country musician Kenny Chesney, country singer Leanne Rimes has been in the spotlight - but for less than flattering reasons in recent months following the breakup of her marriage. Many Hollywood and Nashville marriages end up biting the dust, but for some reason some critics and fans were none too forgiving when Leanne Rimes left her husband for actor Eddie Cibrian following an affair that occurred while both of them were married. These days, they have made the rounds on TV and in the magazines, talking about how this affair does not define them as people and how they could not help falling in love with one another. And now these latest engagement rumors have brought the story back to the forefront of the gossip pages once again.

Leanne Rimes Hits Twitter

To issue her denial the popular and big selling country singer went to Twitter, a trend that has become quite commonplace among the rich and famous. Rather than come out with an old fashioned press conference and talking about allegations, whispers, and things going on in their lives, many stars go to Twitter or their blogs to make declarations or to respond to rumors. In this case it was Leanne Rimes, the child star turned country staple who was issuing her own denial of recent rumors of upcoming nuptials with Eddie Cibrian. It is interesting to see the way this whole matter has affected her career.

It is not as if the starlet needs money to pay for her car insurance or mehanical breakdown insurance. Ever since her early teens when her smash hit single "Blue" actually became a crossover sensation, she has been a fixture on the country music scene, making hit record after hit record and touring successfully year after year. In addition, she has managed to build up somewhat of a side career as an actress thank to her natural talent and good looks. Before the marriage hit the skids and the Eddie Cibrian affair turned into a public relations nightmare, Leanne Rimes really had not make all that many missteps professionally.

Difficulty of Stars' Private Lives

This whole situation with Leanne Rimes, who continues to insist that she is not a home wrecker and that she and Cibrian were already in failed marriages when the affair began, demonstrates the difficulty stars have in keeping their private lives private. More specifically, it goes to show that especially the biggest names are really corporate brands in everything they do in life, not just on stage or on the court. It reminds one of the situation with Lebron James in the summer of 2010 who technically broke no rule and did nothing wrong yet lost legions of fans at least temporarily when he switched NBA teams.

The biggest stars of the stage like Leanne Rimes have to watch everything they do in order to protect their careers. It is not enough just to be a great singer or songwriter. Athletes and entertainers are held to a strange higher standard, and because of this are often punished in their career arc when personal life details come out. But stars like Leanne Rimes also benefit because equally strange is our propensity and even desire to forgive. Leanne Rimes has not even called what happened a mistake, but the fallout has made it clear that at least professionally it was the wrong move. How interesting that regular folks even today with all the information we have available somehow naively expect our celebrities to be perfect. The career of Leanne Rimes will probably recover as she moves forward, but her experience here is a cautionary tale.


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