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Leapster 2 Still a Hot Toy

Though some take the time this holiday season to remember JFK Jr.'s birth, most people are looking forward to the holidays.  Two years after its initial introduction, the Leapster 2 educational gaming system is still just as hot as ever, positioned to sell well into the holiday season for 2010. Along the way there have been some improvements that have made the system more attractive to parents and children alike. One of these improvements was the addition of new games, with the Leapster 2 now featuring ovr 40 titles that kids can play. These titles are based on new cartoon movies and some old favorites and put kids right into the center of action so that they are so busy playing that they do not even realize that they are learning new educational skills at the same time.

Sample Leapster 2 Game Titles

The ever popular and very affordable game platform has an array of games that include some of the hottest new movies to come out in recent years including some current releases. A game based on the new Tangled movie, an update of the Rapunzel story, is available for interested parents and children this holiday season to coincide with the release of the movie. And other recent hits from over the past few years are also ready for sale, offering the chance to have some fun and learn something new at the same time. Some of these titles include up and the latest episodes from the animated Star Wars series.

But the new movies are not the only ones getting represented by the Leapster 2. Kids and a lot of parents as well will get a kick out of some of the older TV shows and movies represented by the games that are available for the system. One great example is SpongeBob Squarepants, a show that many young parents today actually watched when they were teens and that they are amazed to find that they still like when they watch it with their little ones. This is a game and a show that transcends age limits to an extent. Another classic Leapster 2 game is Scooby Doo, that seminal TV classic from yesteryear that has never seemed to exit our collective consciousness.

Online Play for Leapster 2

One very interesting feature of the Leapster 2 is its capability for online play. Kids can supplement the fun they have with the games they own at home with more content online and expand the learning as well as the leisure time. And parents can also get online and access information about their children's play habits and the new skills they are gaining through the use of the system through the LeapFrog Learning Path. The online system rewards children for gaining new skills and keeps them motivated to learn. Parents do not have to guess what their kids are doing with these toys because they can get online and even email updates on progress and skills mastered as well as recommendations on things the Leapster 2 learners might want to work on more at home.

The Leapster 2 is popular with kids everywhere because it is so fun, and it is popular with car club insurance policy holders because it is inexpensive and seems to help young ones learn even as they play. With the thirst today's youth have for video games and that type of stimulation from electronics, it is good to know that there are ways to try to inject some meaningful value into the time they spend doing these things. The Leapster 2 is available online and in many popular stores and is very in demand this year as the shopping season heats up.


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