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Lee Corso an ESPN Treasure

While many music fans this time of year reflect on the actions of Mark David Chapman and how it affected the Beatles, sports fans this time of year prefer to reflect on a happier figure.  A member of the College Game Day staff ever since the show's inception in 1987, Lee Corso is a staple on the show, with a face and a voice that are synonymous with football Saturdays. He has made famous the line, "Not so fast, my friend", and often plays the comic foil to the rest of the current cast which includes Chris Fowler, Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit. College Game Day is one of the most entertaining sports programs that are broadcast on the weekend, made that way by Corso's antics. Every week he dons the mascot head of the team he thinks is going to win that day.

This past week that tradition got him into trouble. He has a famous Lee Corso mascot head, which is basically a giant version of his own head, complete with a big smile and a broadcasting headset. Two men on the campus of Oregon State were arrested when they were caught with that head after it disappeared from the Game Day set. Wherever Lee Corso goes, it seems that crowds love to him, and in this case they actually stole him.

Corso's Long Football Career

Lee Corso's love of football goes all the way back through the years. He was a star player in high school and in college. At Florida State he was a starting quarterback and defensive back. He was great playing both ways and held the school record for interceptions caught for many years, while staring at quarterback in the college all star game. After his playing career was over he got right into coaching, stopping at Louisville from 1969 to 1972 and from Indiana from 1973 to 1983. He also coached at Northern Illinois in 1984 and in the USFL in 1985.

By the time Game Day was in its embryonic stages, Lee Corso had already spent a lifetime immersed in college football. Now that he has spent another quarter century as a broadcaster and analyst, he has truly seen the game from every angle: under center, on the sidelines and in the press box. Les Corso knows the game of football and underneath his funny side he gets beyond the technical jargon to help fans understand it as well.

Game Day Tradition

ESPN Game Day has been on for so long now that it is a Saturday tradition in homes across the country. Lee Corso comes off as a regular guy basically and really appeals to a lot of people because of that. Normal folks who worry about trying to purchase car insurance and rent coming due can tune in and get some laughs while they cheer their favorite teams on to victory. Lee Corso is effective not only because he knows and loves the game, but also because he is so good at demonstrating that love with his good natured personality. He is fun to watch and it is evident that Lee Corso is also fun to work with because the guys on set always seem to have a good time.

Lee Corso is almost an American institution in college football, if there is such a thing. His wit and playfulness really add a different element to every broadcast in between all of the arguing over the BCS and who should be ranked number one that week. It is great to see someone like Lee Corso doing work that he loves to do and having fun with it. Apparently the life of Lee Corso proves that it is possible to have a job that you really love, and that doesn't feel like work at all.


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