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Lehigh Acres Car Insurance

Lehigh Acres car insurance is designed especially for Lehigh Acres, FL residents. Whether you are looking to insure a convertible or an SUV it is critical that you weigh your options and compare what’s out there. Every provider is different which means you could be missing out on a discount simply because you are insuring with the wrong company for your specific needs. Take five minutes out of your day to shop around and perform an online comparison where you can compare car insurance in Lehigh and find the most suitable policy for you.

Buying Lehigh Acres Vehicle Insurance

When performing an online search you will need to fill in some details about yourself and your driving situation. You will need to know things like your home address as well as the names of the people to be included on your policy. Make sure you add any household or family member that may drive your vehicle to your plan. If they live with you, then they need to be on your policy. If not, then your insurance provider may not pay the costs if they are in an accident while driving your car.

You will also need to include the make, model and year of your vehicle. The type of car you drive will make a big difference when it comes to determining your Florida auto insurance rates; make sure you are completely honest about the history of your car and the mileage to get an accurate quote. Additional information to keep on hand when it comes to getting Lehigh Acres car insurance is your driver’s license number, your social security number and the number of years you have been driving. Each provider will need to access your driver history and credit rating to determine your car insurance rate.

Florida Auto Insurance

Another thing you will need to know when comparing your Lehigh Acres car insurance online is how much coverage you actually require. Florida operates under a no fault system when it comes to driver regulations which means that every driver is responsible for his own coverage. In a sense this makes the process of making a claim a lot easier than when insuring under a tort system (the more common way to handle road accidents in the United States); however, it also means you lose some of your rights to sue the individual driver if faced with serious injury or fatality.

All Florida residents, regardless of whether you are living in Lehigh Acres, Jacksonville, Orlando or any other area, will need to purchase $10,000 of property damage protection and personal injury protection as part of the minimum requirement by state law. Failure to buy this amount of insurance will result in a loss of license, three points off your license and a fine in many instances. It also means that you will need to pay for the damages to yourself and your car in the event on an accident.

Most Lehigh Acres, FL residents will opt for higher limits and additional coverage on top of the basic coverage group auto insurance policy. After all, $10,000 of PIP will not go very far if you are facing a very serious injury and unable to work. It may only pay for some of the medical expenses but what about the surgery, the rehabilitation and the loss of income? You may want to consider $100,000 to $300,000 of PIP which is more standard for drivers with families or with heavy debts.

Furthermore, Lehigh Acres, FL residents that want to insure a nice vehicle, from a sports car to a brand new SUV should consider the actual value replacement of the vehicle when determining their property damage limits. You may want to up the limits to $50,000 or more if your car is worth quite a lot. Lehigh Acres residents have the opportunity to play around with the limits when comparing Lehigh Acres auto insurance online.

It is pretty common for drivers to purchase full coverage rather than basic coverage. In fact, over 70 percent of residents in the United States will opt to include comprehensive and collision coverage (full coverage) on third policy[1]. This is optional insurance which pays for additional damage to your car in the event of a collision as well as third party damage from storms, theft or vandalism.

Lehigh Acres Car Insurance Quotes

Finding the best Lehigh Acres car insurance policy for your needs starts with you. After all, you are the one paying the premium and thus you should be in the driver’s seat every step of the way. Get access to multiple Lehigh Acres car insurance quotes without leaving the house by using our online search and comparison service. Every driver has the right to choose their own policy; make the right choice by knowing exactly what you are getting when it comes to your Lehigh Acres automobile insurance.

[1] 04/08/2011


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