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Lewiston Car Insurance

Lewiston car insurance rates depend on a number of different things. For one, rates depend on where you live and how often you drive. If you live in a more urban area in Lewiston, you'll be paying more for your insurance, because crime rates and accident rates are usually higher in busier areas. The more often you drive your car, the higher your rates will be, because you'll be more likely to get into an accident. Your driving record also has a great impact on what you pay for your Lewiston auto insurance policy.

You can compare car insurance companies on the internet to find out if you're paying the right price for your Lewiston car insurance. Lots of websites provide Maine car insurance quotes for free, and the more in depth the questioning process, the more likely the quote is to be accurate. On these websites where you can find auto insurance quotes, you can also read about the insurance industry and get tips and tricks for what to do with your policy and how to save money. Vehicle insurance quotes should be somewhat similar to what you're currently paying for a policy, but it's good to check from time to time to see where and if you can save more money.

Insurance Knowledge

It's important to have a slight knowledge of the Lewiston car insurance industry before you purchase your own policy in Lewiston. This will ensure that you get the right amount of coverage. In Maine, and in every state, there are laws about what the minimum requirement for coverage is. Maine law says that you need 50/100/25 coverage as a minimum in Lewiston. You need $50,000 for a single bodily injury, with $100,000 per accident in coverage. You also need $25,000 for physical property damage.

You'll also want to know some of the basic terms. Liability refers to who is at fault when an accident occurs. If you are found at fault, you are responsible for paying for all of the injuries and damage that occurred during the car accident. When you report this accident to get money from your Lewiston car insurance agent, it is called a claim. The money awarded to you from the insurance company is called the benefit. You pay a deductible when you're in a car accident so that your insurance agent can start the process of getting you your money.

Getting Discounts

Another great way to save on your Lewiston car insurance policy is to see what discounts you're eligible for in Maine. Sometimes these discounts can be as easy as renewing your temporary or mandatory car insurance policy with the same Lewiston automobile insurance company. Most major companies provide similar discounts, but the more you can save on your coverage, the more likely you are to sway towards a certain company. You can talk with your Lewiston agent or look at the company's website to see what kinds of discounts they offer.

There are a number of common discounts for Lewiston car insurance policyholders. If you are retired or over a certain age you can receive a discount. If you are doing well in school or you have a clean and safe driving record, you might be eligible for a discount. If you are active in the military or you are not the primary driver of a car, you might be able to save money on your car policy in Lewiston, ME. If you have safety features implemented into your car, you can save money on your premium. The more you can prove you are a safe driver to your insurance company, the less you will have to pay.

Fender Benders

While no one ever wants to have to use their Lewiston car insurance policy, sometimes it becomes necessary. If you are in a small car accident, there is a certain procedure you should follow to make sure your damages are paid for correctly and any legal trouble is avoided. You should always keep a pen and paper and a camera with you in case you have a fender bender. This way you can exchange information with the other driver and take picture of the damage to have as evidence. You should always contact the police so you can issue a formal report about what happened during the car accident in Lewiston, ME.

Being a safe driver is the best way to save on your Lewiston vehicle insurance policy. There are many ways you can keep safe on the road. Making sure you have no distractions is the best way to stay focused on your driving and your car. Try not to talk on your cell phone, and definitely do not text while you're on the road. Have a designated driver if you plan on drinking alcoholic beverages. Take a winter or defensive driving course to learn.


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