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Lil Wayne Gets Released from Prison

Leanne Rimes's engagement rumors aren't the only music stories making headlines.  The Lil Wayne release is big news for music fans and followers of this rapper. Lil Wayne was released on November 4th from Rikers Island prison in New York after spending eight months there. Fans got wind that he was going to be appearing with Drake that night, and the rumors seemed to have credence because the two had done collaboration together in the studio. But after the Lil Wayne release, the performer spent the night with some family and friends. Interestingly enough, however, he did make a surprise appearance at Drake's Saturday night concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. To the shock and delight of the fans in attendance, he showed up during Drake's performance of "Miss Me", a song from the Thank Me Later album which was collaboration with Lil Wayne.

Surprise Appearance Onstage in Vegas

The crowd was said to be in a frenzy when they were the first audience after the Lil Wayne release to get to see him appear on stage. They even chanted his name as he exited the stage after the song was over [1]. This was probably no surprise to the performer who has made a name for himself stirring his audiences with his live performances. Video of the show and the appearance quickly made its way online, where it was shared by fans all over the world on social media channels.

Rapper Sets Lofty Goals

The Lil Wayne release and really the time spent at Rikers Island as an inmate prior to his release have given the rapper even more motivation. It appears that he desires to become a bigger star than he was before being incarcerated. Reports out of his native New Orleans indicated that he was already at work on a new album and other projects as well, meaning that he jumped right in feet first upon his release. Anyone who is a follower of the rapper, from close friends to any old car insurance or mechanical breakdown insurance consumer listening to a mix tape while they drive down the freeway, usually think of him as a performer who wants to be the biggest star in the genre. He is certainly not there yet; there are others who have a much more commercial sound that endears them to more casual or mainstream fans.

It remains to be seen whether after his release Lil Wayne will be willing to adjust the content of his lyrics and his music in order to give it more of a mainstream feel. The trouble with these sorts of things is that performers in any music genre who try to do that type of thing and make it their conscious goal quite often alienate the fans who helped make them rich and famous in the first place. Most observers in the industry doubt that after his release and given his musical history and what he has given so far that this will be the case with him. The Lil Wayne release might just catalyze the existing fan base to help him gain momentum and develop more of a dedicated following.

This Lil Wayne release from prison goes to show that in the entertainment business, strange things can actually end up helping your career. In the rap community, street credibility is always at issue. Spending time at a place like Rikers Island could end up being good for someone's career in the long term, as unpleasant as it had to have been at the time. The Lil Wayne release is the beginning of a new phase in his career arc.


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