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Linden Car Insurance

Linden car insurance is a special form of car insurance for drivers in Linden, NJ. When you are looking to insure your vehicle, it is important to choose a policy that caters to your specific car driving needs. Linden car insurance providers understand the many hazards and dangers that comes with living in Linden and offer a wide variety of policy options with your needs in mind. Make the right decision when it comes to Linden automobile insurance this season and shop online today.

Tort or No Fault Car Policy

The state operates under a unique system when it comes to insuring New Jersey cars. You can pick whether you want to insure under the no fault policy (limited tort) or a full tort policy. Under a no fault (limited tort) system, there is no blame placed for any accident. Your policy will pay for your damages regardless of whether you or the other driver is at fault. This is often referred to as a ‘policy holder’ system. Under a tort system, which is the more common way to insure a vehicle in the United States, the driver who is found liable pays the damage. This means your provider is only needed if you are at fault for the car accident.

There are a number of benefits to choosing both systems as well as a few cons. Under the no fault system, there is no blame placed on any driver which means that you do not have to worry about going through two different insurance agencies. You get into an accident; you make a claim through your provider. It’s much simpler than under a tort system where you may be compensated through the other driver’s agency if he is found liable for the car accident.

Under a no fault system (limited tort), you do lose some of your rights to sue for compensation. However, your insurance provider is granted these rights instead. For many people, this makes the process much easier but for others that prefer to have the option to sue if need be, then a tort system may be more appropriate for you.

One of the biggest problems with a no fault system is that your provider may jack up your prices if you need to make a claim, even though the car accident was not your fault. Because there is no blame, any claim you make looks bad and results in higher Linden car insurance rates on your part. Under a tort system, if the other driver is to blame, then your premium remains the same.

Weigh the pros and cons to both systems when choosing your Linden car insurance. Most drivers across America do not have this option so take advantage of it by comparing your choices and your lifestyle to find the cheapest auto coverage price. Out of the 50 states, 38 of them operate under some type of tort system while only 12 of them offer a no fault or choice no fault system. New Jersey is only one of three states that give their drivers a choice.

Mandatory Linden Auto Insurance

Regardless of what type of system you choose when insuring a car in Linden, NJ, you need to purchase a minimum level of coverage as part of the New Jersey law. Under a basic policy you will need to purchase property damage liability with a $5,000 limit as well as personal injury protection with a $15,000 limit. This is the bare minimum Linden car insurance you can drive with if purchasing a no fault system.

If you opt for a tort system then you will need to purchase at least the amount of insurance listed in a standard policies. Under a standard policy, Linden drivers will need to purchase bodily injury liability with a $15,000 limit per person and a $30,000 limit per accident, property damage liability with a $5,000 limit, uninsured motorist coverage with a $15,000 limit per person and a $30,000 limit per accident, uninsured motorist property damage with a $5,000 limit and personal injury protection with a $15,000 limit. This is a fairly comprehensive policy compared to some of the other state’s mandatory insurance requirements. However, you may consider looking at higher limits, especially if you own a nice car worth more than $5,000 or if you have a family.

Compare Car Insurance in Linden Online

Find the most suitable policy for your needs when living and driving in Linden, NJ. With an online search you will have instant access to affordable policies from trusted providers in your area. Regardless of whether you want a limited tort or full tort system, you can find exactly what you want and save a bundle of your annual Linden car insurance. Browse through the multiple quotes from the comfort of your home and stop paying too much on your Linden vehicle insurance.


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