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Loma Portal Car Insurance

Loma Portal car insurance is a smart investment to protect your financial well-being. From fender benders to car theft, Loma Portal drivers are at risk of loss when it comes to their vehicles. While it may be difficult to control those risks, you can protect yourself from the enormous bills that result. Loma Portal car insurance is well worth the affordable San Diego monthly auto premium when you consider how much you could be paying without it.

All Loma Portal drivers are required by California state law to carry liability coverage with the state required minimum limits or greater. The California mandated limits are 15/30/5, and this is the amount the provider pays to the driver of the other vehicle if you are at fault for an accident. This covers $15,000 in medical bills per person up to $30,000 for the entire accident, and $5,000 in property damage. These limits can always be raised based on your needs.

Loma Portal is a neighborhood in the Point Loma community of San Diego, CA. The seaside community is on the peninsula that divides the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean. While it is a family-oriented community recognized for its elaborate Christmas lights displays, Loma Portal has relatively high incidents of car theft. Vigilance along with a good Loma Portal car insurance policy can protect you from having to foot the bill if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized.

Insuring Against Theft

Many of the car thefts in Loma Portal are crimes of opportunity. Owners leave the windows down or the keys in the ignition outside of their homes, or they leave the car running while they run into a store. The community might feel safe, but a thief just can't pass up such an easy opportunity. Owners must take precautions to protect their property. The policy may not cover a California vehicle claim if you were careless with your vehicle's security.

Sometimes, even the best precautions cannot prevent a car from being stolen. If this happens, you have Loma Portal vehicle insurance to fall back on. Comprehensive coverage takes care of non-collision damage and loss, including flooding, fire and theft. Taking the appropriate steps to make a claim can help recover the financial loss from a stolen car.

First, file an official police report. The Loma Portal car insurance company will only honor a claim if the car is reported stolen with CA law enforcement. Next, contact the insurance provider as soon as possible. When making a claim, have the following information handy: the car title, location of the keys before and after the theft, names and contact information of everyone with access to the vehicle, a description of the vehicle including make, model, year, mileage and details about the appearance, personal property within the stolen vehicle and financing information if the automobile is leased or financed.

If the car is leased or financed, contact the financing company next. Giving them the claims and contact information for the Loma Portal car insurance company can expedite the process. If you chose to purchase rental coverage with your Loma Portal auto insurance company, they will provide you with a rental vehicle in the interim.

Gap Insurance

Another precaution you can take against the loss from theft is purchasing gap coverage. If you lease or finance a new vehicle, this pays the difference--the "gap"--between the what the insurance company will pay and what you owe the financing company. Gap coverage can be applied if the vehicle is stolen or totaled.

An example of gap coverage coming in handy is if you bought a truck several months ago for $25,000, and you have been making payments ever since. The vehicle is stolen one day. The insurance company deems the two-month-old vehicle's depreciated value to be $20,000, but you still owe $27,000 when you calculate interest fees. Gap coverage takes care of that $7,000 difference.

Most people buy gap coverage when they close on the lease so they are protected the moment they drive off the lot. Some companies will sell a gap policy anytime during the term of the lease, so you can change your mind later. Loma Portal automobile insurance companies may require you to have collision and comprehensive insurance before they will honor your gap policy, and these types of coverage are usually required by the lease terms anyway.

When leasing or financing a new vehicle, ask your agent about gap coverage. If your regular Loma Portal car insurance policy will pay off the fully financed amount, this type of coverage is not necessary. If you do purchase gap coverage and the vehicle is stolen or totaled, read the lease terms and insurance policy carefully. Some Loma Portal companies require you to continue making payments on the loan until the claim pays out in full.


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