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Lompoc Car Insurance

Lompoc car insurance rates are constantly changing which is why it is worth your while to keep ahead of your premium amount by comparing quotes regularly. You could be paying more than you need to each year if you are simply re-insuring without researching. Take five minutes out of your day to compare Lompoc automobile insurance and browse through the multiple policies on offer to see what you can expect this year when insuring your car. You just may stumble upon a serious discount online.

California residents pay, on average, around $775 per year for their vehicle coverage[1]. This number of not set in stone, however, and there are many factors that will impact your individual rate. When you are looking for car policies in Lompoc it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with what impacts your rates; that way you know what you can expect and what you can do to lower your premium by changing your lifestyle.

Factors Affecting Auto Insurance

Some of the factors that impact your car premium in Lompoc, CA are unchangeable. Your age and your gender, for example, make a difference and you cannot lie about either of these in order to get a better rate. In general, females will get slightly better car premium prices than males, statistically speaking while younger drivers can expect much higher Lompoc car insurance than older and experienced drivers.

Teenaged drivers and new drivers can expect double, if not triple, the amount for their Lompoc vehicle insurance. This is because teenaged drivers have the highest accident claim rate out of any other age group. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds with countless other teenager drivers experiencing serious injuries and vehicle damage after a crash. The good news for new drivers is that every year you remain on the road and do not make a claim you are one year closer to a better rate. The better news is that by the time you turn 25 your Lompoc, California car insurance rates will be quite similar to the state average.

In addition to your age and gender, another big thing that will impact your Lompoc car insurance rates is where you live. Lompoc, California is a lovely little city and generally considered quite safe. However, insurance providers will consider local CA trends and neighborhood crime rates into effect when determining your rates. Where in Lompoc you call home will make a difference to your car insurance rates.

How Much Will your Pay?

Your choice of car will also make a big difference in your Lompoc auto insurance. This includes things like how much mileage is on it and how often you drive it, where you park it at night and during the day and costs of the car and repairs in general. Your car's safety, collision and theft rating will also be considered. Drivers in Lompoc can expect better vehicle coverage rates from safer vehicles including SUV's and minivan's when compared to convertibles, small coupes and high performance vehicles which tend to take a higher price tag on car insurance premiums.

Your driving record as well as your credit report will also be factored in to determine how much you will pay on your Lompoc car insurance. Many residents in Lompoc, CA it can be hard to keep ahead of the bills, mortgage payments and credit card fees. However, a low credit score will not only impact your finances but also your policy prices. For many companies, the better your credit score, the better your rates will be. This is also true with your driving history. Several years experience on the roads with little to no claims, traffic tickets and other outstanding fines equates to a much better premium than a poor driving history.

Compare Online and Save

If your credit score or driver's history leave much to be desired you don't have to suffer with higher insurance rates forever. Start today by cleaning up both of these records. Invest in a driver's education course to lower your risk on the road and pay off any outstanding tickets and fines. Talk to a financial advisor about consolidating your debt and make a payment schedule to maintain your bills and pay off any unsecured debt. These life changes will help you keep in control of your finances as well as your car insurance premiums.

Finally, the amount of coverage you actually choose to buy will also impact your Lompoc car insurance rates. Basic coverage, which includes liability coverage only, will cost around $450 while full coverage, which includes comprehensive and collision coverage will be another $400[2]. These are only average numbers across the state of California. Make sure you compare the different providers and policies to find the most suitable price for you.

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[2] 24/04/2011


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