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Long Branch Car Insurance

Long Branch car insurance offers the residents of New Jersey a better way to shop for car insurance coverage. When you request a quote you will have multiple coverage agents seeking your business, and providing you with the best quotes to compare and save. You may even be surprised at the amount that you will save with Long Branch automobile insurance.

Insurance Definitions

Without knowing what the terms and definitions are on your Long Branch vehicle insurance coverage is, looking for the right coverages for you may seem like a foreign language. Understanding what the Long Branch auto insurance definitions and terms are will give you a better understanding of the New Jersey vehicle protection you are shopping for.

Liability is one of the most common terms when you often hear associated with coverage in Long Branch, NJ. Liability coverage pays for damages and medical bills of the involved parties other than yourself if you were deemed to be the at fault party in a car accident. Your liability coverage is pre-set with a limit to the amount the car insurer will cover before you are responsible financially. This term is often associated with state minimum car policies in Long Branch, NJ with bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverages being mandatory for every Long Branch driver.

Collision car insurance covers your vehicle when you cause an auto accident. This covers your vehicle repairs or the total cost of your vehicle is your vehicle is considered to be a total loss after an accident. The amount of repairs or vehicle total is based on value so if your vehicle is not worth much in value, you can cut down on payments by limiting this coverage on your vehicle, but all newer or high value vehicles should carry this coverage so you are not on your own when you are facing auto repair bills after an accident.

Comprehensive is a type of coverage that protects you from total financial responsibility if you are involved in a car accident that does not involve two cars. This coverage is available to Long Branch, NJ drivers to cover damages from weather such as flooding or snow and ice related accidents and damages, car theft, animal collisions and many other types of accidents. This coverage is highly recommended for higher valued cars and is usually mandatory as a condition of an auto loan. Comprehensive car insurance typically carries a predetermined deductible payment that must be made before the provider pays their share of the total bills.

Uninsured motorist and under insured motorist coverages protect you from drivers you cause you to have an accident but do not have the proper coverage to pay for your repairs. This also pays for your damages if you are the victim of a hit and run accident. This coverage is not required in New Jersey but it is recommended that all Long Branch drivers carry some uninsured motorist coverage on their car insurance policy.

A premium is the total amount of your Long Branch car insurance policies. The premium amount can be paid all at once, and the provider usually offers a discount for doing so. If you choose to make monthly or bi-monthly payments towards your premium amount, you can sometimes get discounts for opting to pay automatically out of your checking account every month.

GAP Coverage

GAP insurance on your Long Branch car insurance coverage is almost always required to have if you have an auto loan on your vehicle. The auto loan provider in Long Branch will Request GAP coverage to be added to your Long Branch car insurance coverage as a condition on the auto loan you carry on your vehicle. GAP stands for guaranteed auto protection, and it basically protects you from having to pay for a vehicle you can no longer drive.

GAP coverage compensates you for the amount owed on your vehicle that your other coverages do not pay. In order to get GAP coverage you must also have comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage added to your state minimum vehicle. Having GAP coverage will basically turn your Long Branch car insurance coverage into full coverage on you vehicle. Sometimes GAP coverage and your other coverages are on two separate policies.

GAP coverage protects you from being responsible for paying off an auto loan if you are involved in an auto accident where your vehicle is considered to be a total loss. If your vehicle is totaled in an auto accident, GAP coverage will cover the difference between the actual amount of the vehicle and the amount that owe on your vehicle through your auto loan. Long Branch car insurance has affordable gap coverage to keep you protected from facing total financial responsibility of your auto loan if you can no longer drive your vehicle.


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