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Safety for Long Distance Drivers

Safety for long distance drivers is a very important concern. Long trips in the car can be very fun, but they can also be very dangerous. Many car accidents can be at least partially traced back to driver exhaustion, which is one thing that we have to work hard to avoid as long distance drivers. Keep an eye on safety and make sure to do some simple but important things, like maintaining appropriate tire pressure, to stay safe on those long trips and avoid accidents and car insurance claims.

Avoid Cruise on Long Trips

Cruise control is a nice feature that really comes in handy for stretches of road that do not have much traffic, and they help you hold your speed and avoid accidentally speeding. But on long trips, they also give you one less thing to physically do, and they can add to the feeling of exhaustion that often sets in on long distance drivers as time goes by. Skip the cruise control especially for trips longer than a few hours in length, and you’ll be able to stay alert longer.

Skip Fast Food on Car Rides

Eating very heavy fast food will make your body work overtime to digest, especially when you are going to remain stationary for hours at a time. For the rest of the family, this is fine because they can tilt the seat back or grab a pillow and take a nap. But it’s best if you avoid any napping during that big trip out West, since you really need to be awake as the driver. Try to skip the fast food, and if you must indulge, don’t overdo it. Maybe try adding in a salad instead of a second cheeseburger and see how much more energy you have as all that food settles in.

Take Breaks during Long Trips

It is also important to take breaks to get out and stretch the legs during these marathon drives. As a general rule, you should stop at least once every two hours to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, and just get stretched out a bit. This is also a good time to switch drivers if there is more than one in the car. Even if you have a spouse or teen driver just cover one leg of the journey, it can give you a chance to get a bit of rest and maybe even catch a nap. Take regular breaks even if they are just a few minutes long. It might take a bit longer to get there, but at least you’ll get there in one piece.

Drive Safely with Your Family

Most of us have heard someone brag at one time or another that they went on a seven hour trip and got there in five hours. Actually, some of us are the person that was doing the bragging. But this is no time to pull that type of driving performance. First of all, it is obviously not safe to speed, but this is especially a bad choice with the whole family in the car. And second, it would be awfully embarrassing to get pulled over and get a huge ticket in front of the kids.

Make sure you always stay safe and follow these simple safety tips in the car on long trips to avoid trouble. Safety for long distance drivers is really up to them. If you get behind the wheel to embark on a long trip, you are responsible for your own safety and that of everyone in the car. Stay safe and have some fun.


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