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Los Angeles Weather Sees Record Heat

Entertainment news such as how Lauren Jones may rejoin the WWE takes a back seat to weather stories as the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas saw record heat as the month of September came to a close, with temperatures reaching 113 degrees on Monday the 27th. Cities all over the region saw record temperatures that day. Los Angeles was not the only city in the area to experience high temperatures, but the 113 mark was pretty impressive and unmatched by the others. The relentless autumn heat wave that has been hammering the state of California drew temperatures above 100 degrees in many different parts of the state. Folks all over sought relief by hitting the crowded beaches or resting in the shade, but even under the canopy of trees temperatures were just about unbearable for area residents [1].

Record Temperatures across California

The sweltering Los Angeles weather was part of a larger heat wave affecting large parts of the state of California, which seemingly was unready or unwilling just yet to let go of summer and transition into the fall. In cities like Anaheim, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, and Salinas, records were set or ties and locals tried their best to cope. About the only thing people have going for them when the Los Angeles weather gets like this is the fact that they have ocean access. But on the hottest days, beaches get so crowded and the sand becomes so hot that sometimes even a dip in the Pacific doesn't seem like such a big help.

Los Angeles residents are not alone in this predicament. All across the state of CA, the fall heat wave made it impossible to find any free space at the beaches, because everyone dealing with the high temperatures all had the same idea on how to get through the hot spell. When the weather gets like this, there is not a whole lot anyone can do to get comfortable while remaining outside. These are the days when we lament not having air conditioners in our cars and homes. For some drivers, of course, it is a matter of choosing to pay to fix the broken AC or pay their car insurance provider. But when the weather gets like this, it is enough to make you wonder if you made the right decision.

Impact of Los Angeles Heat

There are many different ways in which the fall heat wave affected folks in LA and the surrounding areas. For one thing, schools almost universally cancelled all outside sports and other activities due to concerns over heat stroke and sunburn. And there were numerous power outages reported across the city as a result of this terrible Los Angeles weather. It is even worse in LA than in surrounding communities when things get heated up like this because of the smog in the city. That smog is like a giant blanket that holds the hot temperatures in and won't release them.

Los Angeles weather most of the time is not nearly so extreme, particularly in late September. But this week demonstrated that these things can and do happen, as the weather here and all through the state served to demonstrate. The Los Angeles weather as September may have been the summer's last hurrah, or perhaps it could have been a sign of increasing fall temperatures in the area due to pollution and other factors. Either way, the weather was definitely not fun; it was really not even bearable, and most people just hid in their homes or in the water waiting for things to cool down. The Los Angeles weather was dangerous and unpleasant, but fortunately it did pass.

[1] Retrieved 2010-09-30.


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