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Louisiana Car Insurance Discounts

Louisiana auto insurance discounts help LA motorists to save big money on their premiums. Everyone knows the average cost of insurance rises steadily upward year after year, so it is extremely important to take advantage of any and all opportunities available to save. There are many different discounts available. Some of them are unique to certain providers, but most are fairly universal in some form. Whether they are driver based, vehicle based, or some combination of the two, Louisiana auto insurance discounts are great ways for state motorists to save on their premiums and keep their policies affordable.

Discounts Based on the Driver

Some discounts offered by Louisiana auto insurance companies are based on the characteristics of the individual drivers being insured. As a driver, you bring a certain set of these characteristics into any policy you end up buying. Different providers may score drivers in slightly different ways, but all use the same general list of statistics to set rates and determine eligibility for discounts. For example, virtually all providers have some sort of discount to reward good drivers. These rebates have different names, but they are all based on your performance as a driver over time. Usually to qualify you need to be free of accidents and major moving violations for a certain number of years.

Your age as a Louisiana driver comes into play as well. Single males under 25 and females under 21 pay significantly higher rates for car insurance in Louisiana. To counteract this, good student discounts are generally available, allowing single full time students in these high risk categories to lower their rates through strong performance in the classroom.

Successful completion of defensive driving courses can earn you discounts on your collision and comprehensive insurance premiums. Farmers and senior citizens can qualify for age and trade related discounts. And those of us who do not drive very many miles can sometimes get low mileage discounts that save a flat percentage off the premiums we pay.

Discounts Based on the Vehicle

The car, truck, or SUV you drive also has a great influence on the rates you pay for auto insurance in the state of Louisiana. The make and model of the vehicle itself has a strong bearing on premiums. High end vehicles like luxury cars, performance or sports cars tend to cost a pretty penny to insure regardless of who is driving them. Collision and comprehensive rates are directly tied to the cash value of a vehicle, so it makes perfect logical sense to think that the cars worth the most money are the ones that cost the most to insure against property damage. Certain cars that perform well in crash testing can earn safety discounts on your auto insurance.

Aside from the make and model of the vehicle, the specific features it comes equipped with can also affect the availability of discounts. For instance, safety and security discounts can save you a lot of money off your total premium if your vehicle is equipped with factory installed features insurers are looking for. Anti theft systems make a car harder to steal, so they help with comprehensive insurance rates. ABS brakes, airbags and automated seat belts all help your chances of surviving an accident unharmed, so they help you with the cost of medical payments coverage and other costs.

Additional Available Auto Insurance Discounts

There are other discounts worth checking into as a Louisiana driver. Multi vehicle discounts are fairly standard among providers. Insurers save on the costs of administering policies when multiple cars are involved, so they generally pass these savings on to customers in the form of discounts. Similarly, multi policy discounts can be earned by customers who purchase their home or life insurance plans from the same company that provides their Louisiana auto insurance. These discounts can actually help you save on both policies at once, so it is well worth it to look into this possibility for savings if you have not done so already.

Customer loyalty discounts are a nice way that auto insurance providers use to thank customers who have stuck with them for many years. Individual requirements can vary, but companies that offer this discount usually have a specified period of time required for a customer to qualify. In this era with online quotes so easy to come by and with enrollment less of a hassle than it used to be, Louisiana auto insurance providers are finding it harder to retain customers over time. These discounts give them a fighting chance.

Louisiana auto insurance discounts are a wonderful way to take some of the pain out of your car insurance premiums. Take the time to ask for them if your carrier does not tell which ones you qualify for.


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