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Louisiana Car Insurance

In Louisiana (LA), there are multitudes of law-abiding drivers who are aware of the necessity of carrying some type of auto insurance in order to protect themselves. Since you are required to carry Louisiana car insurance, it is important to obtain an accurate Louisiana car insurance quote in order to save money.

Louisiana is a state that follows the Tort system for car insurance. This system states that whomever is found at fault in an accident is solely responsible for the cost of all medical and property damage expenses in an accident. LA does have one small redeeming point in the fact that the minimum coverage required by law there is well under the average of other states. Louisiana requires a motorist to have 10/20/10 coverage. This means you are required to have minimum Bodily Injury Liability limits of $10,000 per injured person up to a total of $20,000 per accident, and Property Damage Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $10,000.

There are many factors affecting a driver's risk assessment in the state that you cannot control. One of these factors is the weather. With natural occurrences, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, cities like New Orleans, Louisiana or Shreveport, Louisiana on the coast retain higher automobile insurance rates than somewhere like Lake Charles, Louisiana. However, there are small things you can do to keep your Louisiana car insurance rates affordable.

Reduce Your Louisiana Car Insurance Premiums

The most important thing you can do is to maintain a clean driving record. Although most drivers are law-abiding citizens, everyone feels that familiar twinge of fear whenever they are pulled over by a police officer. Tickets equal dollar signs in peoples' eyes as they see their auto insurance rates going up. Small things like a ticket for speeding here or there can add points to your driver's license over time. The amount of points on your driver's license directly influences the auto insurance company's decision when car insurance risk factor. Buckle up and drive the speed limit.

Another thing you can do to is to simply drive less in Louisiana. While it is understandable that this is not always feasible, it can keep your Louisiana auto insurance rates cheap. When you report to your auto insurance provider the amount of yearly driving you do, they assume that if you drive less than other people there is less likelihood of you being involved in an accident.

Another more viable option to keeping your Louisiana automobile insurance rates low is to increase the cost of your deductible. If you have a high deductible on your auto insurance policy, it will lower your monthly premiums. However, it is prudent to make sure that you have the money required for your deductible tucked away somewhere. Many motorists neglect this fact and it can be costly for you. If you're a driver with a good driving record though, this could help to keep your rates more affordable.

Louisiana Car Insurance Quote

Why is obtaining a car insurance quote so important anyway? Money is the most obvious advantage. If you're saving averages $200 to $400 dollars a year, it can add up over the span of your driving years. Many citizens of Louisiana are not aware how much rates can vary from company to company within their state. Which company to choose can be a confusing process. Some larger, better-known companies can offer policies tailored more specifically to certain needs or at more affordable rates for multiple policies and vehicles. However, if you simply need minimal coverage on a lower-end vehicle, then a statewide Louisiana auto insurance company may be able to offer a cheap, affordable solution. Obtaining your Louisiana car insurance quote is the first step in making a decision.

You can easily obtain a Louisiana car insurance quote, but it can be very confusing navigating the technical terms of differing auto insurance policies. If you do not know what you are looking for, you will not know which ones will suit your needs. Liability and collision coverage are the two most popular types of car insurance policies. If you drive a car on which you are making payments, then you will be required by law to maintain both types of coverage. If you drive an older car, you may be able to drive legally with only liability coverage. However, as rules and regulations vary from state to state it would be wise to double check in Louisiana and anywhere else you may live in the future.

To qualify for liability coverage, as mentioned above, you must not owe an outstanding amount on your car. If the title to the car is yours, it can bring your monthly rates to more affordable levels. In Louisiana, liability is the most basic type of car insurance you can have. This applies to most states as well. There are two sections to liability coverage. One section is property damage liability and the other is bodily injury liability. Property damage liability covers physical damage to a car or a piece of property. Bodily damage liability covers another driver's hospital expenses. It is important to note that this type of car insurance will cover damage to your car if you are liable for an accident.

With collision auto coverage, the policy covers you if someone causes damage to your vehicle. Any car with an outstanding balance is required to maintain this type of car insurance. Most collision can offer peace of mind to the motorist if an accident occurs. It is important to ensure that your collision policy will cover the entire cost of your vehicle if your car should happen to be totaled.

There is one more policy that may of benefit to you as a motorist. It is called comprehensive car coverage. It is not mandatory by law, but can prove valuable. Comprehensive car insurance will cover any and all damage to your vehicle in an accident despite who may be to blame. However, it will drive your rates up considerably. The more you know about the different policies and add-ons you can acquire, the better off you will be.

Be an Informed Consumer when Purchasing Louisiana Car Insurance

The more educated you are about Louisiana car insurance, the more beneficial it will be to you. While it may be first instinct to get the cheapest minimum policy you can, it is important to think if it will be suitable should trouble occur later on. Now, when you receive your auto insurance quote, you will be better equipped to further investigate policies that meet your needs. Many people automatically stay with the same auto insurance companies they have had for years and have never questioned when that company's rates have risen.

The costs to insure an automobile have risen over the years. With the rates in LA being so astronomically high, it is important to be educated. Regardless of whether you live in Monroe or Baton Rouge, you can find an excellent rate on your Louisiana auto insurance if you take the initiative. The car insurance business is quite competitive in this economy, and any agent would be happy to ensure your business.

So what are you waiting for? Compare cost and coverage details from the Louisiana cities of: New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Bossier City, Lafayette, Houma, Bayou Cane, Thibodaux, Lake Charles, Monroe, Alexandria, Hammond, Abbeville, Bastrop, Bogalusa, Crowley, De Ridder, Fort Polk South, Jennings, Minden, Morgan City, Natchitoches, New Iberia, Opelousas, Eunice, Pierre Part, Ruston, Tallulah and more...


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