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Low Prices at Walmart

Walmart is known for having low prices on just about everything. Some people think the prices are too low, and this is a very unusual problem for a retailer to have. Most people don't complain when they are going to save money, but some of the business practices at Walmart have been called into question in the last decade and put them at odds with competitors such as Target. Walmart is such a large company that it was bound to be scrutinized sooner or later. Whether or not you agree with the way the company has been run it is hard to ignore the fact that they are the largest retailer in the United States and continue to grow every year. This company is the epitome of a big box development, and the pros and cons of that will be debated forever.

Saving Money and Time

Many people choose to shop at Walmart specifically to save money. You have heard about saving money on your teen car insurance, but Walmart specializes in saving people money on everything else. Most stores sell not only retail items, but groceries as well. This makes it so easy to get all the shopping done at once. If you need to go grocery shopping, but you also need to pick up some socks and flat screen TV, you can do it all in one stop. Or if you are looking for a new bike for your kid, but you also want to grab some milk and dog food, you don't need to get in and out of your car more than once. This convenience is what most people are looking for these days, and when you combine it with very low costs, it is a hard equation to beat.

Ethical Shopping Practices

Some people choose not to shop at stores like Walmart because they would rather spend their money at smaller local stores. Many times when a new Walmart comes to a town, other small companies go out of business because they cannot compete with the buying power of such a giant corporation. While some people protest this, others consider it the way of the future. A Walmart can bring many jobs to an area, and this can be a good thing. The jobs may not be very high paying, and this is why certain customers refuse to shop at larger retailers.

Some people just like the friendly service they receive at their local shop. They want the cashier to know their name and ask how the kids are doing. This is something that a large place like Walmart will never be able to offer, and why the smaller shops will continue to do business. Sometimes you don't want to have to walk a mile to the back of a giant store to find the one or two things that you need to pick up. It can be easier to just run in to the small local market and quickly grab what you need and run back out. There are some things that large companies will just never be able to do as well as smaller ones.

No matter what your opinion may be about Walmart, there is no question that they are here to stay. With a store in almost every major town across the country, everyone has seen one. Shoppers will continue to flock in and buy lower quality merchandise at cheaper prices. Sometimes the price tag is the most important aspect in the decision making process. The big box stores will keep using convenience and value to bring customers in the door. The low price option is usually the hardest to resist.


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