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Making Student Car Insurance Affordable

Making student car insurance affordable is a concern shared by students and parents alike. Students pay more for auto insurance than the general driving population; in fact, young drivers pay more for car insurance than any other single age group. This is because students are seen as a greater risk to insure by car insurance companies and the industry as a whole. This view is supported by data. Research shows that students get into more accidents and make more mistakes behind the wheel on average than any other drivers. The learning curve accounts for most of this discrepancy. It is hard to learn everything you need to know to be a good driver all at once, and many of us just need more practice to master all the skills and to learn how to be safe behind the wheel.

Students pay more for car insurance, even though in many cases they drive older cars not worth a whole lot of money. They are punished for their age and lack of experience when it comes to auto insurance premiums. But there are some ways students can save money on their car policies, helping them to partially counteract the effects of age surcharges on their premiums. When students and their parents shop online for car insurance, they can save money by finding more choices and getting more quotes to compare against one another. Getting insurance online is fast and convenient for drivers of any age, and for students especially, it can give them a chance to find a deal on coverage that they might not be able to find otherwise.

Students Pay More for Insurance

High school students especially pay more for car insurance. When you first get your license as a high school student, you are victimized both by your age and your lack of driving experience. Your rates reflect both of these shortcomings. Statistically speaking, we tend to improve as drivers when we get more experience. For this reason, drivers in their first few years behind the wheel tend to make some mistakes that other drivers normally would not make. Their accident and citation rates attest to this.

Whether it is because of lack of focus or worry about safety, or whether it's just plain inexperience coming through, students have a harder time staying accident free and free of moving violations than the general population of drivers. Whatever the reasons may be, young drivers as a whole group are statistically much more likely to cost an insurance company money in the way of an at-fault accident or some other claim. In terms of pure numbers, auto insurance carriers are taking on a much greater risk insuring an average teen driver than they are in insuring an average middle aged driver. For this reason, students pay a lot more for their auto insurance policies. This is true in spite of the fact that many students drive old, beat up cars. When they drive new cars, the insurance bill is often astronomical. Parents sometimes have to list themselves on the vehicle to make the premium palatable at all.

Save on Student Car Policies

These sorts of strategies are usually only somewhat successful. What's more, they are of questionable legality, depending on how often the student and the parent actually drive the car being insured. You have to be very careful about how you go about getting student car insurance for your teen driver. Of course, we all want to save money, and this instance is no different in that regard. But at the same time, you have to make sure you know you are covered in the auto insurance sense of the word. Don't make an arrangement designed for short-term savings if you are not positive you are covered no matter who drives the car. In the event of an accident, all the money you might save by taking a questionable rout in your student insurance plan will be gone out the window if your insurer denies your claim.

There are ways to combat high premiums for student car insurance. Making student car insurance more affordable means working within the system to find ways to save money where you can while also making sure your student is save and covered behind the wheel. One way you can easily accomplish something toward lower rates is to take advantage of discounts available from car insurance carriers. One such discount is a good student discount. If your student meets enrollment and grade point average requirements, he or she likely can earn a good student discount, which usually takes a flat percentage off the top of your premium.

Another simple way to qualify for discounts on your student car insurance plan is through safety and security features. This is something to bear in mind if you are shopping around for a car for your student driver. Safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags and passive restraint systems can take some of the bite out of your student auto insurance premium. Security devices like anti-theft technology work in much the same way on your auto premium. This is true for any car and any driver, but it represents one of the best ways to try and save money for a teen in particular. What's more, these features truly help keep your teen safe and secure behind the wheel.

It is very expensive to carry a student auto insurance policy; there is no doubt about that. For any teen driver, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if they can keep their driving record clean in the meantime. After a few years of safe driving, your rates normally begin to drop, and auto insurance carriers typically don't use age related surcharges for young drivers once they reach the age of 25. Still, 25 can seem a long way off to a 16 year old trying to scrape together the money to pay outrageous fees to insure an old beater. There is only so much we can do, but a good degree of ingenuity and resolve can help make the situation at least a little bit easier to manage.

Students Shop Online for Coverage

Another thing that can help a great deal is to look around for insurance, and not just settle for the price your existing family provider is offering you. It is possible you could find a much better deal on your student car insurance than the one being offered to you. Getting online to investigate your options for student car insurance savings is easy to do. It's fast, and you can get quick quotes without sharing personal information. Once you are ready to proceed a bit further, you can get more detailed estimates, choose coverage, pick a carrier and even pay for your purchase securely. One of the strongest attractions of online insurance aside from its cost effectiveness is its unequivocal convenience for car insurance shoppers.

See how much money you could save on your student car insurance. The challenge of finding decent prices on student policies is never-ending, but online you have an excellent chance of finding a carrier to help you make student car insurance more affordable.



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