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Our Management

Leadership by Example

Our leadership is second to none. The leadership team at Car Insurance Quote has a vast array of business and life experience.  Our in-depth insurance industry knowledge is second to none.  We know the industry, we know the pitfalls and we know what consumers should know before making a car insurance purchase.

We, as leaders, value the input of both our customers and our employees. We realize that companies are grown by these two groups in tandem and without them we would not have a company to lead, grow, and nurture.

The leadership team also believes in giving back to the community. Each member of our senior management team is involved in non-profit and philanthropic activities that reflect their personal interests. From serving at food banks to serving on the boards of chapters of national organizations, we are involved with our community and encourage our employees to be as well.

Strategic Planning for Our Employees and Customers

Planning is an important piece of the backbone of any organization. We take it very seriously. Our strategic plan guides us three to five years out. We have set and continue to set, overarching goals for our organization. These goals center around customer service and employee career growth. 

In general, our long term customer goals center around the obvious: getting our customers the lowest possible rate on their auto insurance with policies that will cover each and every need they have should they unfortunately be involved in a vehicle accident.  We focus on aggregating data and information from many sources to bring together a vast pool of knowledge for our new and returning customers to reference and learn from.

The long term goals for our employees center on several factors. One being workplace satisfaction. We are a flexible company. We allow many of our empoylees to work flex-time so as to allow them to arrange their work and personal lives in a way that is healthiest for them and their families.  Secondly, every motivated individual has ambition.  As such, we have very advanced career pathing initiatives that help our employees grow while they are at Car Insurance Quote.  We work with each employee to help them grow from both a technical standpoint as well as from a soft-skills standpoint.

Benchmarking Against Competitors

As we mention innumerable times on our website through our articles, the auto insurance industry is extremely competitive. We are constantly assessing the competition and benchmarking their standards against our own in order to ensure that our customers are the ones who receive the absolute best experience when receiving their car insurance quotes.

Encouragement of Innovation

Perhaps in no other way do all of the above items tie together better than in innovation.  Innovation is a major driver of our stategic planning, our customer satisfaction and our employee growth. Employees know that we value their ideas and their ideas are what make customers come back to us and make our company grow.

Realistic, Iterative Results

Part of innovation is learning to be an iterative-operator. This is perhaps a bit of internal-speak, but it's meaning is very valuable. We never do something and set it aside as 'done'. Innovation requires iteration - the process of refinement by reexamining the same goals repeatedly over a period of time and testing what does and does not work for our stakeholders.  If we did not innovate and iterate, we would not be able to meet any goal.


Any professional knows that communication is one of the most vital skills to being a professional.  At Car Insurance Quote we encourage, honest, open, critical, constructive communication between all stakeholders.  We even train our employees annually on effective communication techniques.  Not only is communication important for a comfortable work environment, it is absolutely critical to disseminate new, fresh, and innovative ideas within and across teams.