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Manhattan Car Insurance

Manhattan car insurance and car insurance across the state of KS is relatively cheap compared to the national average and to some of the busier states. In fact, Kansas currently has one of the lowest average expenditures for car insurance, coming in at $568.00 in 2007 . Keep in mind that this expenditure is for basic coverage without the extras that most families will purchase. If you are paying too much for Manhattan car insurance, then it might be time to look into changing your carrier or changing your policy.

How Manhattan Auto Insurance Works

By law, everyone who owns and operates a motor vehicle will need car insurance. The basic Kansas insurance plans include bodily injury liability with a minimum $25,000 per injured person up to a total of $50,000 per accident as well as property damage liability with a minimum limit of $10,000. This coverage is mandatory. However, you can also pick and choose a number of additional extras as well as policy coverage amounts according to your driving needs. Uninsured/ underinsured motorist bodily injury comes with a minimum limit of $25,000 and maximum of $50,000 while personal injury protection has a limit of $4,500 medical and $900 for income loss if unable to work.

Because Kansas is a "No Fault" state, your coverage company will be responsible for paying the damage regardless of whether you are at fault or not. This means that you will be protected under the basic coverage and optional extras if you caused the accident, if someone else caused the accident or if the damage was caused by a third party of ‘act of God.' Although you may lose some of your rights to sue under a "No Fault" plan, you can also benefit from exceptional yearly savings on your insurance rates.

Low Cost Manhattan, KS Car Insurance

When it comes time to shop around for Manhattan vehicle insurance, you should think about your driving needs as well as your lifestyle to determine the best policy for you. If you have a family you might want to consider the optional extras such an uninsured motorist or personal injury protection. If you end up in the hospital and cannot work, who will support your family? With personal injury protection, you will be covered for these losses.

If you drive an expensive or new car or are driving all the time, you also might want to consider the policy extras. Manhattan is a highway heaven with a number of busy freeways and highways connecting into this town. In addition to the Interstate 70, there is also US Route 24, K-177, K-18 and the K-113. This means that there are plenty of roads to take, and plenty of accidents waiting to happen.

Weatherwise, Manhattan gets it all - snow, rain, ice, you name it. This can make for dangerous driving conditions, even for the most cautious of drivers. The entire region is also prone to tornados and not just because of The Wizard of Oz. Nicknamed Tornado Alley, Manhattan has been right in the middle of a number of tornados in the past including one in June 2008 that struck 31 homes and several businesses. Comprehensive Manhattan automobile insurance will protect your vehicle from any unforeseen tornados in the future. In addition to tornados, Manhattan also sees it fair share of flooding. Built on a floodplain at the junction of the Kansas and Big Blue rivers, the town has been drenched a number of times. If your car is damaged from a flood, you will be grateful for the comprehensive coverage.

Saving on Manhattan Car Insurance

Regardless of what type of coverage you choose to get, it is important that you are not over-paying on your car coverage. Below are some tips to save this year on your Manhattan car insurance.

  • Consider bundling your car insurance if you drive more than one car. Or, consider taking one of your vehicles off the road and using public transit
  • Look into the discounts offered for those of a certain age group, such as ‘new' drivers or those over the age of 55
  • Ask about discounts for driving a fuel efficient or hybrid vehicle. Some coverage carriers will offer excellent prices for those who ‘go green.'

However, perhaps the easiest way to save on Manhattan car insurance is to do a quick search of the different Manhattan companies. You may be surprised how many options there are and how many coverage companies want your business. With a simple online search, you will be instantly connected to a number of quotes based on your specific details. You can save up to 40 percent on your Manhattan car insurance. This stiff competition is actually beneficial to you as the consumer - you can afford to be picky and demand the very best deal.


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