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Matt Barnes Arrested for Domestic Violence

Despite other stories such as the news of Toyota releasing an electric vehicle, celebrities take the center stage in news reports as Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes was arrested on September 8 on charges on domestic violence and obstructing the use of a phone line following an altercation at his home that led police to show up and arrest him at the scene. The police response as well as the charges relate back to a 911 call that came in from the family residence. Somehow the call was cut off and following standard procedure law enforcement officials followed up on the call and headed to the home. Upon arriving at the scene police deputies noted that both the basketball star and his fiancée had visible injuries, but decided that Matt Barnes was primarily responsible and had been the aggressor in the altercation. They took him into custody and arrested him on the spot [1].

Fiancee Denies Barnes is Guilty

Interestingly enough, after the fact upon speaking with members of the media, the other person involved in the domestic dispute denied the charges and called them false, saying that he had never physically abused her or her family. Gloria Govan, the fiancée of Matt Barnes, said any accusation was false, meaning she was unwilling to press charges of any kind against him. Meanwhile, after Matt Barnes arrested and booked, he was released from custody upon posting bail.

To try to clear his own name following the Matt Barnes arrested saga, Matt took to his Twitter account and admonished his followers and presumably any interested readers not to judge the matter too quickly until all the facts came out. Matt Barnes also complained in response to a media question that in most domestic violence situations, the male was arrested and taken in to custody, and Matt even called himself a victim in the case [1]. In the state of California where the incident took place, the law requires police officers responding to these situations to take someone in and arrest them when they come upon a domestic violence case, even when the other person involved denies the charges as did Matt Barnes fiancée.

Department policy in these cases is that any visible injury is sufficient cause for a felony arrest in these cases. Since both had visible signs of injury, it was a matter of choosing who the law enforcement officials viewed as the primary aggressor. In this case they felt that the basketball star fit the bill, and had Matt Barnes arrested and whisked him away from the scene.

Insurance Fallout from Getting Arrested

There are many different things people have to think about as possible consequences of being arrested. Far from our minds most of the time, are considerations like our car insurance. But interestingly enough, these are just the times when good insurance can really come in handy. If you've ever been arrested and spent considerable time behind bars, you know all too well some of the things that can happen with your vehicle. It may be impounded, and can suffer damage and losses in the meantime. If it is not fully insured on a continuous basis with no lapses, it can add still another level of financial pain and suffering to go along with all the others in a felony case like this one. With Matt Barnes arrested, it demonstrates how quickly these things can happen.

Matt Barnes arrested against the wishes of the woman he lives with clearly attests to the unpredictability of things at the very least. Getting Matt Barnes arrested in this case was the letter of the law in these matters requiring an arrest of some sort. When things like this happen, we need to have our insurance obligations in order. We can't risk something like a lapse in coverage, even a brief one that will leave our car unprotected while we're not around to watch over it, and will certainly lead to higher rates once we get out.

Witnessing Matt Barnes arrested and seeing a significant public sports figure face these felony charges reminds us all that sometimes matters beyond our control play a part in our everyday lives. It is important to control what you can and to always be prepared for the unexpected. It might not be a situation like this, but things come up from time to time that can catch us off guard and scrambling to respond. Be as prepared as you can by staying on top of financial matters in your life. Stay current with all current obligations, and always keep insurance policies up to date, including auto insurance coverage - even if it's just a discounts car insurance policy. Any vehicle in your possession will need to be protected while you are detained or otherwise away from home for an extended time period. With Matt Barnes arrested it is a suitable reminder to keep auto insurance current.

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