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Matt Cassel Out after Appendectomy

Although he has had a long and successful career in his field, he's no Mickey Rooney - and this year Matt Cassel, the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, missed Sunday's game against the division rival San Diego Chargers after having to undergo an emergency appendectomy the previous Wednesday. It was an unfortunate game to miss, because the Chargers ended up beating up on the Chiefs and winning by a score of 31 to 0. With the loss, the first place Chiefs are now only one game ahead of the Chargers, who earn their nickname year after year with second half of the season charges to win the AFC West division, a feat they have accomplished four years in a row. If the Kansas City Chiefs can't hold off San Diego, it will be five straight crowns for the Chargers.

2010 Resurgent Season for KC

So far this season has been great for Kansas City and for Matt Cassel. The team is in first place after only winning four games in 2009, the first year that Matt Cassel played in a Chiefs uniform. This year he had directed the team to eight wins in the first twelve games of the year and performed fabulously at his position, throwing 23 touchdowns against only four interceptions so far this year. Clearly the team needs him back; in his absence, backup Brodie Croyle led the way as the team laid an egg in a huge divisional matchup. It remains to be seen exactly how long Matt Cassel will be out of action, but for Kansas City fans the hope is that he is back as soon as possible.

2008 Season with Patriots

Matt Cassel has the distinction of being the only quarterback to ever start an NFL game after never starting a game in college. He was a backup during his career at the University of Southern California, holding the clip board and wearing the baseball hat while Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart were winning Heisman Trophies. But he was drafted anyway in 2005 in the seventh round of the NFL draft by the draft savvy New England Patriots. He eventually worked his way up to second string behind Tom Brady and in the first game of the 2008 season when Brady shredded his knee, Matt Cassel became the starter.

2009 Season with KC

He had a very good year and led the Patriots to an eleven win season; but Matt Cassel and the team failed to make the playoffs. In the winter of that offseason in February, the Patriots franchised Matt Cassel and gave him a one year, $14 million contract, and then traded him to the Chiefs, who ended up signing him to a six year deal. The first season was not kind to him or to the team. He suffered a knee injury in the early part of the year and played through it but only won four games. Policy holders with online insurance companies in Kansas City were not impressed.

But this year has been different, at least up until December 8 when he had to have his appendix out. The timetable on his return is not exactly known although he is not expected to miss too much more time. For Matt Cassel, the feeling is that he probably can't wait to get back under center, having seen what a mess his backup has made of things. The division title could be hanging in the balance for the team and its fans. Getting to cheer for a first place football team doesn't happen all that often in KC. Matt Cassel needs to get back and help deliver that division title for residents of the city.


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