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Mazda Car Insurance - Comparing Insurance for Various Models

Mazda car insurance is something that any Mazda owner needs to look into. Why? For one, it's illegal to drive without some sort of coverage in all fifty states. For two, because you love your car and the passengers in it and thus, it is important to protect your automobile as best as possible. Mazda is known for its safety and will always be considered an excellent vehicle choice for families of all sizes. The Japanese automakers have been around since the 1920's and, although it has undergone many renovations in the years, two things have remained the same- the quality of service of these speedy little vehicles and the ‘zoom zoom zoom' slogan.

The 2010 Range - What to Expect from Mazda Car Insurance

Mazda is a big name on the speedways and on the highways. For 2010, the Japanese automakers have released a whole new family of model vehicles in a variety of bright colors. Below we have listed the different vehicles features in Mazda's 2010 showcase and what you can expect in regards to car insurance prices with each model:

The Mazda 3 - this vehicle comes in the four-door or five-door models and features a nifty little ride. You can expect to pay excellent rates on Mazda vehicle insurance for this zippy thing. The reason is because the M3 was awarded with the Top Safety Rating by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, something that looks very good on a policy rate . Furthermore, four door vehicles are 93% less likely to be stolen than two door models which means you can drive away with a bargain on Mazda car insurance when it comes to this zippy new model .

The Mazda 6 - another great little vehicle the, 6 model features seating for five and your choice of two different engines. It is great on fuel with up to 30 miles per gallon and offers an affordable price of under $20,000. Again, this vehicle will feature low Mazda auto insurance rates simply because it is reliable, sturdy and built with safety in mind.

The Miata - we all love that sexy little vehicle that purrs on the road and the Miata is it. This two door vehicle looks as good as it drives which is why you can expect to pay a lot more for car insurance with this model. Why? - for one, it is a convertible built for speed; for two, it only features two doors; and for three it screams ‘drive me' which can be very hard for any theft to resist. These three things add up to a more expensive Mazda car insurance premium.

The CX Series - both the CX 9 and the CX 7 come with an affordable price tag for a smaller SUV. The CX 9 also comes with a five star safety rating which means affordable Mazda vehicle insurance for you.

The Mazda Tribute - this larger sized SUV comes with all you would expect from a large SUV but without the gas guzzling and environmentally unfriendly engine. The Tribute includes a five star safety rating and, due to its larger size, will fare well in any crash. What this means is you can expect lower Mazda car insurance from this crafty SUV.

Choosing Mazda Car Insurance

If you are buying Mazda auto insurance for the first time then it's important that you understand the different policies and what coverage you will need. All drivers will need liability coverage which will pay for any damages incurred to the other vehicle if you are to blame for the accident. This is mandatory in all states. Most drivers will also purchase the extras coverage which can include collision, comprehensive, vehicle rental and medical coverage. These extras will take care of the costs incurred to your own vehicle and your family in case of a car accident. It is up to you what type of car insurance you choose to buy but always consider what it at stake if you do get into an accident. In most instances, it is not only your vehicle that will suffer.

It's also important to remember that car insurance rates vary depending on what state you live in. Check your local state average to determine where you measure up. Some of the more expensive states for Mazda automobile insurance include New Jersey, Louisiana and Washington DC with the most expensive cities being Detroit, Los Angeles, Newark, Philadelphia and Hempstead. You can expect to pay a state average of over $3,000 per year for car insurance . However, for those who live in North Carolina, North Dakota, Georgia or Maine, you will be happy to learn that your car insurance is well below the national average. Residents of these states can benefit from cheap Mazda car insurance.

Additional Ways to Stay Safe on the Road and Save on Mazda Car Insurance
Choosing a Mazda and buying the correct car insurance are two of the fundamental ways you can stay safe on the road and limit your car accidents, thus improving your car insurance rates. But is there anything else you can do?

• Know the technology road rules. Almost every state has banned the use of cell phones and text messaging while driving but many people will attempt to chat and drive at the same time. The next time your cell phone rings in the car, resist the urge to pick it up. You can always call back once you have arrived safely at your destination. There is no need to risk your life, and the lives of others simply because of a text message.

• Know your limit. If you are going to drink, don't drive. It's that simple but for many this cliché is impossible to follow. It's important to understand the impact that alcohol can have on the road. In 2007, 37% of all car crash fatalities were caused by alcohol . This adds up to over 15,000 deaths and thousands of others injured when driving under the influence. Plan ahead; call a cab; choose a designated driver, and, if you're the DD for the night, stay sober!

• Be Theft Wise. Many of us do not pay particular attention to where we park our cars at night; however, it's important to always lock your doors to your vehicle, even if you are parking in front of your own home. Furthermore, if you are out for the night, park your vehicle in a well-lit area to decrease its chance of being stolen. You can also invest in anti-theft devices such as a tracking monitor, tire guard or alarm system which will cut down on the chances of your auto being stolen and also lower you vehicle coverage rate.

These three things can help you get a better deal on Mazda automobile insurance and ensure that you are staying safe on the road. When it comes to getting the best deal on Mazda car insurance, make sure you always shop around and do a comparison online. By driving a Mazda you are putting yourself in the driver's seat for lower car coverage rates; now it's up to you to test drive the various quotes, shop around and find a bargain. Happy driving.



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