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Mel Gibson Fights for Custody of Daughter

Not every celebrity story is as happy as the news of Kyle Boller and Carrie Prejean.  Mel Gibson, the Hollywood star actor whose life and career have taken some curious turns as of late, arrived in court on November 11 as custody proceedings opened up in the battle between him and his ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. The two are battling it out over custody of their infant daughter in the wake of their very public and very bitter breakup earlier this year. To give an example of how public this private matter as become, Grigorieva's attorneys submitted love letters written to her by Mel Gibson while they were still together, as if to demonstrate his mental instability or lack of fitness to be a full time parent to their child.

Custody Battle Just Getting Started

This was only the opening of the civil proceedings, which will reconvene on November 22 and are expected to take some time. Both sides would appear to have some strange things about them that could work against them if the other sides get their way. The Mel Gibson camp has been claiming for months that the Russian musician and mother of his young daughter tried to extort him after they broke up. And in turn, Grigorieva claims that her ex boyfriend abused her during a fight they had back in January, although interestingly enough she did nothing to report it until months after the fact.

Mel Gibson has been having some serious problems with his private life as well as his career lately. He was burned when Leonardo DiCaprio pulled out of an epic film he was making after the latest case in which Mel Gibson put his foot in his mouth within range of a recording device. He was set to try to make a comeback with a film that was sure to be a smash, The Hangover 2, but was cut from the role recently, possibly owing to this new round of bad publicity from the breakup and custody fight over the child. Mel Gibson is still not yet divorced from his wife of 28 years as of yet; so he has quite a bit of court time ahead for him as these things get going.

Mel Gibson Career Struggles

No one can deny the talent that Mel Gibson has. He has been the star of many movies and has directed all sorts of projects in more recent years, notably including The Passion of the Christ and others. Even today, most people would have to agree with all of the incredible success he has had and the box office presence that he has demonstrated when he was on his game, that he is one of the biggest stars of his generation. Yet today it is as if he is totally blackballed from the mainstream Hollywood community.

Everyone loves comeback stories, especially Hollywood and its fans. If there is one thing most import car insurance policy holders and movie fans have in common, it is the love of a comeback. If there is anyone who could pull it off based on talent alone, it would be Mel Gibson. The troublesome part is that what appears to be getting in the way of his efforts is his own personality. Perhaps he could start over and try to win people over again. Professionally, since the small role he had lined up was cut he will probably have to go the indie or small cinema route. But there is still time for Mel Gibson to make good. Maybe he will get custody of his daughter and it will do him some good and help clear his head.


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