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Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

Mercedes Benz car insurance prices will vary depending on the type of model you choose. The one thing that will remain the same when it comes to selecting the right Mercedes Benz model and the right Mercedes Benz auto insurance to go along with it is that you'll want to ensure the highest level of protection. After all, this luxury vehicle is in a class of its own - shouldn't your car insurance be as well?

The Mercedes Benz Car Insurance Standards

When you step into a Mercedes Benz and put your foot on the pedal, you are ensuring that every ride will be special. Regardless of whether you are simply going to work on a Monday morning or cruising through town on a Saturday night, these vehicles have a reputation for quality and durability. Of course, this exceptional reputation also comes with a price tag which is why these vehicles are considered luxury models. Although in the late 1990's and early 2000's models had taken a dive in regards to quality, by 2008 it had moved up the list in regards to excellent vehicles to own, taking the fourth spot in the Initial Quality Study in 2008 by JD Power and Associates . Furthermore, Mercedes Benz received the Platinum Plant Quality Award for its assembly plant in Germany. When you drive a Benz, you can be assured that your car will not crumble after the first teeny bump or dent to the side. This is a reassuring quality to have, especially in today's world where many vehicles are built to break.

What to Expect from Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

Mercedes puts out a range of different vehicles including coupes, sedans, roadsters, convertibles, crossovers and SUV's. When it comes to Mercedes Benz automobile insurance, you can use some of the following numbers and statistics to factor your price:

The Roadsters and Convertibles - The roadsters and convertibles are in a class of their own, literally. Dubbed the SL-Class, the SLK-Class, the SLR-Class and the CLK-Class, these speedsters start at $47,000 and progress into the $500,000 range. So, what can you expect from Mercedes Benz vehicle insurance and these models? Many drivers of Mercedes roadsters believe that price is no option which is a good thing in terms of car insurance because you can expect to pay a lot. The reason is because these cars are absolutely beautiful and thus they rank high in the theft department. Furthermore, they only feature two doors; statistically speaking, two door cars are 93% more likely to be stolen than four doors . Although these cars are designed to be safe, they are also small, especially compared to the gas guzzling SUV's on the road today which means they could get quite damaged in a head on collision. This is another reason why you should expect a high rate when it comes to Mercedes Benz car insurance. In 2005 the International Organization of Standardization ranked the Mercedes Benz convertible with one of the highest symbols for cars. You may think this is a good thing, but, in reality, the higher the symbol, the higher you can expect to pay on car insurance. A final reason why you can expect to pay a small fortune for Mercedes Benz auto insurance is because you are most likely going to want to include all the extras. When driving a $500,000 vehicle, it seems absolutely ridiculous not to have collision and comprehension coverage. You may be able to find cheap Mercedes Benz car insurance for the CLK-Class model as it was ranked the Highest Compact Sporty Premium Car in 2008 by JD Power and Associates .

The Sedans and Coupes - C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS-Class and CL-Class make up the collection of Benz sedans and coupes on the road. While some of these vehicles feature two door models, others have four door models and the price tags range from the affordable $33,000 to the extravagant $110,000. In regards to Mercedes Benz car insurance, you can expect similar rates to that of other smaller vehicles. The E-Class was ranked Highest Midsize Premium Car in 2008 by JD Power and Associates which means it will offer lower rates . However, it is also important to consider how your model does in regards to collision and property damage costs. The S-Class was also ranked as the Highest Large Premium Car which means you can expect a better deal on Mercedes Benz automobile insurance with this model. The reason is because the S-Class is large enough to hold its own in a car accident but also built to last in case you happen to get into a collision. Unlike the smaller vehicles, including the roadsters and convertibles, the larger Benz vehicles will not crumble under pressure on the highway.

The Crossovers/Trucks/SUV's - The series of trucks, SUVs and crossovers actually offer a better deal than you would expect from gas guzzling SUV's. In fact, the R-Class, which starts at just under $50,000, won the Highest Safety Award by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety . In general, the safer your vehicle is, the lower the insurance will be. This can be a refreshing change for those used to paying outrageous prices on Mercedes Benz car insurance.

Choosing the Right Mercedes Benz For You

If you are unsure of what model of Benz to choose, then you are not alone. Buying a Mercedes should not be something you take lightly. The extensive range of models can prove to be problematic when trying to determine which is the right model for you; however, it's important to factor in more than just the size of the engine and the look of the exterior; safety features and Mercedes Benz vehicle insurance prices should always be considered when making the choice.

You want to make sure your vehicle can get you from A to B in the most style and class as possible but also that your choice is convenient and beneficial to your lifestyle. If you live in a colder climate where it snows and rains most of the year, a convertible might not be the best option. Furthermore, if you have a family of four to squeeze into a roadster, your better bet could be a large size sedan or an SUV. If you are driving a lot in the city, then the monster truck G-Class may not be the best option for fuel economy or for the environment.

When it comes to choosing your Mercedes Benz car insurance and making sure the rates stay reasonable, you should also always shop around. In the same way you researched for your perfect model, you need to research your perfect car insurance carrier. This is a lot easier than you may think. In fact, all you need to do is hop online and go to a car insurance comparison wizard. Fill in your details and you will be given a list of various Mercedes Benz car insurance quotes based on your statistics. Compare the different auto insurance policy plans, including the extras and the deductibles and see which carrier works for you. You can purchase the car insurance directly online or you can call the various carriers to speak to a representative about the details and any concerns you might have. It's that simple. Too bad the decision of which Mercedes model to choose wasn't this easy....


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