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Mercedes Splitview

If you are looking for the best in entertainment options for your Mercedes vehicle, then you need to seriously consider the company's Splitview technology. This wonderful technology allows viewers in the front seat of the car to look at the same screen but see two totally different images at the same time. While using the very same screen, the driver and the passenger can look at separate programs and neither one will be able to see the other's program. While this program has been around for the past several years, it has only become a popular addition to vehicles in recent years.

Benefits of Splitview

One of the most obvious benefits of Splitview is that is provides drivers and passengers with a great opportunity for entertainment while they are out on the road. Driving in the car can get really boring, especially if you are in the car for long periods of time. Some passengers have trouble doing things like reading or writing in the car and the radio can offer only so much entertainment. As such, this option is really great for carpooling vehicles and those who are in need of a little more entertainment. They can watch whatever they want without bothering the driver.

Splitview technology not only offers entertainment. It can also offer a lot of useful information for the driver. As a driver, you probably don't want to be using your screen to watch a movie. Instead, you will probably want to get information about where you are driving and what is going to lie ahead. Splitview technology is great at providing you with such opportunities, as it can allow the driver to access updated and detailed GPS maps and other things. As a driver, you couldn't ask for a better tool to help you navigate things out on the road.

Splitview is such a great thing for drivers and passengers to enjoy while they are on car trips. One thing that makes this technology really superior is that is can work to minimize distraction in the vehicle. Due to the technology, neither person viewing a screen can see what is on the other screen. This is really important for some drivers who are easily distracted. With this technology, the driver does not have to worry about being distracted by whatever the passenger is choosing to watch. The passenger, in turn, can enjoy his or her program without any interruption.

If you are worried about the audio from the passenger's side of the screen bothering the driver, you don't have to be. Splitview allows for all of the sound from the passenger's programs to be routed through headphones instead of the car's speakers. That means that the driver won't be bothered by what the passenger is watching in any way at all. This can make your ride all that much more enjoyable for everyone involved, and it makes spending time in the car a lot more fun than it used to be in the past.

Getting a Splitview System

If you have decided that this is something you want to add to your vehicle, then you should go online to see just what this feature is going to cost you. You can design the perfect model of Mercedes to fit your needs and spend some extra money to get feature added to it. Although it will cost a bit extra to get Mercedes Splitview, just think of how much you are going to benefit from it. If you plan to sell your car later on, then this could add to its resale value.


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